Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: ThriftFlip Edition

Happy Tuesday!

I have been itching to post another Thrift- Flip, because I think recreating and creating are the two aspects that I enjoy the most! I'm a lot more thrift conscious these days, meaning I'm only looking for classic - potentially classic pieces to buy. There was a time when I just purchased everything that I liked! Now, I'm only focusing on the things that I love!

Olive is the new black... well not really but I'm totally feeling the color against my skin tone! I'm exploring the green family tree. The vintage neckline I absolutely love, but I wasn't so into the length. I felt like it fells within the gray (in between area), not long enough/not short enough. 

Originally, I was going to use the fabric cut from the bottom to achieve this look. BUUTTTT after about 3 hours of cutting and sewing, I quit! LOL It just wasn't enough material to finish the pleated look. I then went through my scrap fabric pile and decided to REALLLLY remixed it ! I took a risk!

Dress- Kasper /Vintage/ Thrifted
Shoes- Gojane.com 

Looking forward to doing this again! 

E. Louise 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kente Queenin'

Kente cloth has been around the fashion world a few times and then some! It's back, like it has never left! VH1 aired a movie about the 90's music era (the Breaks) at the beginning of the year. The lead character wore a Kente crop top to a party and my heart fluttered!

Of course I HAD to go get fabric and make a crop top! Otherwise, my soul wouldn't let me rest. LOL
after I got that out of my system, more ideas begin to roll in! Leftover fabric is truly a blessing because a neckpiece was born!

It took me a second to figure out what I wanted to wear it with exactly. After a few trial runs, cream won! It's simple yet makes a statement!

Neck piece/ Dress- @shapelylouise
Shoes- Payless

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Happy Hump day!

E. Louise

Monday, June 20, 2016

I spy something spotted: Day one - Bohemian Chic

I've been so attracted to all things print. More specifically polka Dot. I looked up and my closet is full of Black on white, white on black, big dots, lil dots, and peplum dots! So much so, I decided to put together a few looks featuring the Kwame' print! (I just watched his Unsung on TVONE)

If you follow me on IG (@shapelylouise) You may remember these wide legged pants from my tribute to Solange a few months back. Well, I brought them out for this free spirited look.

Flowy was the mood of the day!  The only reason I paired the two pieces together!
I have a new job that allows me to get dressed and show my personality! I really appreciate that

Duster- Thrifted
Pants- DIY #SewnbyELouise
Shoes: Shoe Show

Happy first day of Summer! How are you bringing in the season?

See you tomorrow!

E. Louise

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bodycon Chronicles Feat. GITIonline

The infamous bodycon... a blessing and a curse! Blessing - it's ten times more fashionable than the flowered moo-moo stores had been forcing down our throats for years. Curse -most times they're too tight, too short, and we have to put on too much underneath (Spanx).

For me, it's all about finding the perfect formula. That's a mixture of fabric, design and length. When given the opportunity by  Gitionline to review an item from their site, this dress immediately grabbed my attention.  

My guess was that it would be pretty curve friendly and my guess wasn't wrong! It's the most forgiving, very comfortable, and the length is perfect! I was looking for something that would compliment my curves and Whoot there it is! (Corny I know) LOL

Shoes: Shoe Show

Have a great week!

E. Louise

Friday, May 27, 2016

Going back to Tribal Featuring GS-Love

Happy Friday! Cheers to the freaking holiday weekend!

I kicked off my Memorial day weekend by going to see the one and only Vivian Green! She was in town last night and took us on an emotional rollercoaster mini concert style! Her voice is amazing!

Vivian's style strikes me as earthy, flowy and tribal. GS-love never disappoints as this blue jean print, tribal, capri style romper is is all that in one!

The material is kinda strectchy, but I could tell that from the website. Everyone may not know fabric, so my suggestion is to size up. I'm wearing a 3x here.

Jumper - bit.ly/ELouise
Shoes- Rack Rooms

Check the website for new arrivals GS-Love gifting my followers with 20% off of their next purchase! Tell them ShapEly Louise sent you by using discount code Elouise20 during check out!
 and be sure to follow them on Instagram  @GSLovesMe,  post a selfie and tag #GSLovesELouise for your chance to win $100 GS Dollars shopping spree.

Have a great weekend!

E. Louise


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