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Splashing into the New Year (Part I): Collab with Splashed by DKG

I cannot believe it's MARCH already!

I hope your 2017 is beginning on a high note! Notes full of renewed dreams, hope, and faith! I have quite a few things planned for 2017! One is to connect with other like minded business creatives in a effort to grow! It's only fitting that the first post of the year be a master collaboration with some of Birmingham's FINEST right! SplashedbyDKG is making waves with the freshest twist on a classic trend. So I was honored when they reached out and asked me to review a few things from their line!

I guess we can thank Kim K., or her stylist, for her single handed reboot of the 70's/90's accessory THE NECK CHOKER. (SN: you know you're getting old when trends circle back from your childhood.) 
This particular revitalization takes me back to a happier, bill free, time of watching Clueless over and over again, but I digress. In true form, the guys over at Splashed By DKG added a spin, not only is the choker blue jean, it's SPLASHED (of course), with  black beaded trim, and two snaps for size adjust-ability.

Excited ain't even the word! How many ways was I going to style these thangs! So many ideas floating about! I decided that I'm going to style it as many ways as I can! The styling capabilities with blue jean is endless so the sky is the limit. Sometimes, you have to let the accessories lead. In this case, I'm letting the choker from Splashed By DKG and my boots take the front Seat.

Choker - Splashed By DKG
Boots- Ashley Stewart
Top - Fashion To Figure
Olive Coat- Simply 10


Paired with an Olive duster, bustier, and tights; The choker helped to add the finishing touches to make my OOTN complete. The perfect blend of not doing too much yet still making a statement.

OWN THOSE ROOMS ladies! Head on over to www.splashedbydkg.com and check out all that they have! Use the code ERICKA10 for 10% your next order!

Thank you for Reading!

E. Louise

Purpose: TCF Style EXPO RECAP

Time Flies when you're having fun! I can't believe it's been a week already! I'm home and did not ease back into the grind, I floated back! On cloud nine from all of the love that was felt during the 2nd annual Style Expo. Good Food, Conversation, networking, knowledge that was shared about the industry, and last but not least the shopping! In the truest form Marie Denee brought her blog @thecurvyfashionista to life!  

The Take Away: Highlighted and bold, because this is probably the most important out of this entire post. There were several panels held, where industry professionals, bloggers, stylists, models, etc. let us in on their thoughts and original goals as they started the empire we see today. Everyone took a different path, some set out to be apart of the industry, some discovered a passion, some uncovered a need, but all successful in their own right. The common denominator in all stories was Faith over Fear. At some point everyone had to take a leap or was put in a very uncomfortable position causing them to come out fighting. Discovering the will to fight within them that they didn't know existed! This resonated with me for obvious reasons! 

Put your blinders on a pay attention to the path that lies in front of you and just keep going!

I loved being in the company of women who weren't afraid to speak on it! It being fatism (discrimination on fat people), Black women needing to create their own space to be celebrated, Shape discrimination (Hourglass vs. Everybody), and most importantly body acceptance. A true 360 degree conversation was had. Uncomfortable at times, funny at times, but rewarding throughout. 

Blogging has become more than a hobby. We are responsible for inspiring and growing the confidence of our readers! #Purpose

The fashion: 

To know that you'll be with some of the most fashionable is a lot of pressure! LOL 

Day one and two I wore @shapelylouise. 
For Day 2 night: Top- It's Fashions 
                            Jeans- Citi Trends
                            Shoes- Eloquii 
                            Purse- Vendor from TCF Style Expo 

The Goodie Bag:

MANNNN! I was blown away by all of the Goodies!! Some of the Sponsors included:

- Ashley Stewart                   -Hipknoties
- Fashion to Figure               - Lane Bryant

That's just to name a few!

Old Friends from home! (B'Ham) @jenisaqaui

I had a budget... I swear I did! But some of those deals were calling my name! The Purse was my absolute favorite purchase! I was receiving compliments on it as soon as I bought it off of the table! 
Fashion to Figure was having a BOGO FREE deal that I couldn't pass up! Ashley Stewart rounded it off for me with a $5 table! FIVE DOLLARS y'all! I had too! I also had the chance to support/Chat with Francie, owner of the Diva Kurves Collection . I picked up some eye shadow from Magnolia Makeup , and the cutest paper hair bow from Pretty Paper Blossoms! They Also specialize in those totally Unique paper backdrops! AMAZING!   

Here's a look at a few other Super Stylish Diva's! 
Pictured above: @myTexasPlusSizeDiary @SocietyofHarlow @StyleKlazit @fatshionablycorrect @bykikisol  

@NaturallyFashionable  in the flesh! So good to see her! 

New Friends from the Carolinas! @bykikisol and @24plusstyle

 It was good being able to hang, hang with Shaina From @athickgirlscloset! She's hilarious and down to earth!  Here she is with @THECurvyFashionista herself, Mariee Denee!!
Candids: Models, guests, volunteers, and vendors had the expo running like a well oiled machine!


Transformation Tuesday: ThriftFlip Edition

Happy Tuesday!

I have been itching to post another Thrift- Flip, because I think recreating and creating are the two aspects that I enjoy the most! I'm a lot more thrift conscious these days, meaning I'm only looking for classic - potentially classic pieces to buy. There was a time when I just purchased everything that I liked! Now, I'm only focusing on the things that I love!

Olive is the new black... well not really but I'm totally feeling the color against my skin tone! I'm exploring the green family tree. The vintage neckline I absolutely love, but I wasn't so into the length. I felt like it fells within the gray (in between area), not long enough/not short enough. 

Originally, I was going to use the fabric cut from the bottom to achieve this look. BUUTTTT after about 3 hours of cutting and sewing, I quit! LOL It just wasn't enough material to finish the pleated look. I then went through my scrap fabric pile and decided to REALLLLY remixed it ! I took a risk!

Dress- Kasper /Vintage/ Thrifted
Shoes- Gojane.com 

Looking forward to doing this again! 

E. Louise 

Kente Queenin'

Kente cloth has been around the fashion world a few times and then some! It's back, like it has never left! VH1 aired a movie about the 90's music era (the Breaks) at the beginning of the year. The lead character wore a Kente crop top to a party and my heart fluttered!

Of course I HAD to go get fabric and make a crop top! Otherwise, my soul wouldn't let me rest. LOL
after I got that out of my system, more ideas begin to roll in! Leftover fabric is truly a blessing because a neckpiece was born!

It took me a second to figure out what I wanted to wear it with exactly. After a few trial runs, cream won! It's simple yet makes a statement!

Neck piece/ Dress- @shapelylouise
Shoes- Payless

Hope you're having a great week so far!

Happy Hump day!

E. Louise

I spy something spotted: Day one - Bohemian Chic

I've been so attracted to all things print. More specifically polka Dot. I looked up and my closet is full of Black on white, white on black, big dots, lil dots, and peplum dots! So much so, I decided to put together a few looks featuring the Kwame' print! (I just watched his Unsung on TVONE)

If you follow me on IG (@shapelylouise) You may remember these wide legged pants from my tribute to Solange a few months back. Well, I brought them out for this free spirited look.

Flowy was the mood of the day!  The only reason I paired the two pieces together!
I have a new job that allows me to get dressed and show my personality! I really appreciate that

Duster- Thrifted
Pants- DIY #SewnbyELouise
Shoes: Shoe Show

Happy first day of Summer! How are you bringing in the season?

See you tomorrow!

E. Louise