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I looked like Bae... The CoCo and Chanel

Happy Thursday Folks!

Do you guys scroll past the give-away announcements on social media like I do? I be feeling like it's a 100 entries already so what are the odds that I'd win anyway. Well, I tried something different last month when Fashion Stylist D. Ni'Cole was feeling generous. She was giving away a  black and white 'The  COCO and Chanel" sweatshirt... and I'll be dog-onnnn', I won!  ( Mood: If this is any indication as to how 2019 will go, I'm with it!)

 I've had the pleasure of being inspired by this GEM (D. Ni'Cole) for more than a few years now! We're both "Southern Girls" so I feel like we connect on a different level! She's launched a branded Sweatshirt and Tee-Shirt line SBDNC , that features some mind reading, classy but sassy, catch phrases that will have EVERYBODY stopping to see what your shirt says! Trust Me I Know! LOL

The Sweatshirt is Uni-Sex in size and runs big. I was in between wearing it as a shirt dress or a crop top. It wasn't as flattering as a shirt dress so the crop top option won. 
Keeping it crisp, I paired it with a black and white pinstripe shirt dress I've had for a while from Rainbow Shops and some white booties from Shoe Show 
You can find the Sweatshirt (Here),  Booties (Here),  and a similar Shirt Dress (Here)

You should know by now, a pop of color is my trademark. Pink tassel earrings completed my look. Side note: I probably need to lay off the tassel earrings 😓 No promises tho! 

I wore this in Atlanta a few weeks ago and it was definitely what I call a conversational piece. I looked like BAE! Thank you D. Ni'Cole !!!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a great weekend! 


E. Louise 
Shapely Louise  

The Return of Thrifty Thursday!

It's been years!!!  Almost two years since I last blogged and longer that since I've featured a Thrifty Thursday! As the old saying goes, time flies when you're having fun  you're working hard, paying bills, and adulting every day! 😏

In the spirit of reclaiming my time, I've definitely gone through a slight transition, one that would allow me to devote time to a main passion! It's a whole new world out here now from when I started in 2011! I hope I can catch and keep up!
Top- Charlotte Russe
Skirt- Thrifted
Cape- Shein
 For Thrifty Thursday's triumphant return, I decided to go with a print and color play! Geometric prints are pretty forgiving, so I paired the thrifted skirt (it's a medium by the way) with a black pleather bustier from Charlotte Russe.
Earrings: It's Fashion Metro
Boots: Boohoo.com
Often times black/white looks set the mood, but I still love my pop of color. This cape was gifted by way of Shein.com, Metallic boots from boohoo.com, with and my red fringe dangle earrings, brought everything together quite nicely!

I'm happy to be back! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

E. Louise

Splashing into the New Year (Part I): Collab with Splashed by DKG

I cannot believe it's MARCH already!

I hope your 2017 is beginning on a high note! Notes full of renewed dreams, hope, and faith! I have quite a few things planned for 2017! One is to connect with other like minded business creatives in a effort to grow! It's only fitting that the first post of the year be a master collaboration with some of Birmingham's FINEST right! SplashedbyDKG is making waves with the freshest twist on a classic trend. So I was honored when they reached out and asked me to review a few things from their line!

I guess we can thank Kim K., or her stylist, for her single handed reboot of the 70's/90's accessory THE NECK CHOKER. (SN: you know you're getting old when trends circle back from your childhood.) 
This particular revitalization takes me back to a happier, bill free, time of watching Clueless over and over again, but I digress. In true form, the guys over at Splashed By DKG added a spin, not only is the choker blue jean, it's SPLASHED (of course), with  black beaded trim, and two snaps for size adjust-ability.

Excited ain't even the word! How many ways was I going to style these thangs! So many ideas floating about! I decided that I'm going to style it as many ways as I can! The styling capabilities with blue jean is endless so the sky is the limit. Sometimes, you have to let the accessories lead. In this case, I'm letting the choker from Splashed By DKG and my boots take the front Seat.

Choker - Splashed By DKG
Boots- Ashley Stewart
Top - Fashion To Figure
Olive Coat- Simply 10


Paired with an Olive duster, bustier, and tights; The choker helped to add the finishing touches to make my OOTN complete. The perfect blend of not doing too much yet still making a statement.

OWN THOSE ROOMS ladies! Head on over to www.splashedbydkg.com and check out all that they have! Use the code ERICKA10 for 10% your next order!

Thank you for Reading!

E. Louise