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I started blogging because it allows me to express my feelings through words and fashion. In doing so the feedback received from previous posts, helped to build confidence in certain areas. I've also realized  whether it's sewing, writing, or creating looks for others, I'm the happiest  when just simply CREATING. 

I've come to appreciate my individuality, I like shiny things, and love one of a kind pieces! You probably won't find me at the mall but you'll definitely find me at the thrift store! The only label I'm into is the clearance sticker! I'm a stylist with designer tendencies. If I can't find it in the store, I'll make it! 

Features include: 
Plus Model Magazine 
Stylist/Guest Writer For I-PUSH Magazine 
ABC 33/40 Fashion Segment 
Rainbow Clothing 
Skortch Magazine 

Previous Collaborations: 
GITI Online 
GS- Love

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