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Thrifty Thursday: printed -n- pink OOTD

Ok so Happy 4th!! lol I'd like to think that I've been working on my time management, but I usually don't indulge in lying to myself! I will tell you that just about all I have goes into ShapEly Louise Boutique. It's doing pretty good! My customer base is on a steady increase! This weekend is my launch party! I'm so excited and believe it or not I have nothing to wear!!!! I would panic but that won't help! lol I'm so proud of my flyer I made it myself!

Moving on ...this week's Thrifty Thursday includes long sleeves and shorts. I really never knew how I felt about mixing the two. I felt like shorts with long sleeves meant confusion! lol But while I was thrifting the shirt jumped off the hanger @ me and then and I said yes to the shorts but together...I had life!!! Thank God for creativity!!! Check me out below...

Blouse, Shorts, and Earrings- Thrifted
Pumps- Payless

I took the look from Daytime to Evening by just adding the wrap belt. What a difference a belt makes!

If you are in the Birmingham, AL area, come out and help me celebrate! See flyer Below...

Fotunately, I'm off on tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend! I'll be back sooner than later!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise