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Thrifty Thursday: I got what you want... 80's Swagg

Hello all!!!

Happy Thursday, AKA one day until FRIDAY FREEDOM!! Which really isn't freedom for me, I have hair to do, going home for a wedding, then I'm coming back because, I can NOT miss church this Sunday! I'm sooooo excited about this word that if I could reach out and touch it I would. My church, The Worship Center has 2 campuses and one online (, and I tell you it's a TREAT when everyone comes together for one service!

On to my outfit... I thrifted this playsuit and sat on it for a while, thought about wearing it in my last photo shoot but I was not satisfied with the look then! A few weeks ago, my BFF and I went to an 80's vs. 90's party and I had a vision!!! Nothing major, but I've really been feeling the trending black and white look! Stone washed Trench coat + polka dot short play suit+ mid boots= My 80's look! And this hair ain't playing boo! =) We had a good time but, we were the only one's out of a few that dressed the part! That's no fun! =(

I went with the 80's....

Name this Movie.... HEHEHE!!!

She went with the 90's...

All in all we had a great time! Have a good weekend!


E. Louise

Spring Salute: Thrifty Thursday

This weather is so Freaking unpredictable! After last weekend I was ready to gather all my long sleeves, Crew necks, winter coats, etc... and throw them in the storage! And then, there was what the south considers a cold snap! We're expecting a low in the 30's tonight! WTH!!! LOL At least Scandal comes back on! I've been bamboozled! HA!

Both the pant and the top was thrifted. I've had both pieces for a while! Sometimes my clothes end up on the floor instead of in the closet =) and it went together!

pants/Top - Thrifted
Shoes- Payless

I have worn the curl out of this hair! LOL I'll be doing something to it this weekend! Thanks For stopping by! #ShopShapely Enjoy your weekend!
Live. Learn.Grow
E. Louise 

Thrifty Thursday: This is for them 20 somethings...

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!

This dress was actually supposed to be worn to a Christmas Mixer but, it was a lil more on the sexier side and I didn't want to do them like that!! LOL Of course it's thrifted and it's a medium! The colors in my pictures are a bit off, my Nikon's flash went out =( so my back up camera doesn't adjust to light as well. My favorite part of this dress, other that the fit, it the beading on the Left Shoulder! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's just the right amount of vintage to get my day started!!!


Dress- Thrifted
Shoes- Torrid

A busy weekend lies ahead, my Mom has retired after 40 + years! ANNNND it's her Birthday! Lawd we bout to get it in! =) Happy Weekend folks!!
E. Louise

RIP I just KILT these Stripes!!!!

Now I usually don't get into what people tell me I can and can't do/wear! But, what I'm hearing is that there is a weight limit on stripes... I guess I missed the memo cause *coughs* I'm wearing the thread out of these! HEHEHE I saw this look on @_1taylor (Shared By LaceNLeopard) and I knew that I had some similar items in my closet so I went in....


My Look

Skirt- Wet Seal
Top- Thrifted
Pumps- Torrid
(Ive had all these things for about 2 years or so!)

I actually perfer the sunlight when taking my pics, so I have recreate days when It's nice out! The Pics below are from the actual night! I met up with the homies downtown and a Jazz bar. The band was doing a tribute to Frankie Beverly them (and Maze)! I LOVVEEE me some Maze! Blame it on my Mama! Ha!


Hope you enjoyed my recreation!


E. Louise