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2013 Top Moments: I would say Ten but it may be more

Happy New Year's Eve!!!! These are my top moments of 2013, In no particular order of importance... Things that happen to or around me, that gave me hope or increased the faith in God or Mankind! I made a few non-conscious choices, but it worked in my favor. I chose to be positive and just to keep going, and it worked in my favor. My Year in review! I'm sure I missed some stuff but these things stick out!

14) Stay Positive: I responded to this fan in a subliminal way! I never really encountered anyone taking a direct hit at me like this before. But the moment you see growth in yourself is THE moment to be proud!

13) I worked REALLY hard on this shoot! Late nights early mornings and NOTHING! I got like 4-5 seemingly unedited pics from a guy who initially reached out to work with me. I had a vision (a few of them), we had a great time shooting together, I was patient and tried not to bother him, and even after 2 months went by, I reached out with no response. I didn't speak on it socially... until now. And I won't call any names. I sholl hate it, but  you can't control everything.... 

12) My Friend is a talented, hard working guy...BUT we have different working styles when it comes to somethings. This was one BAD shirt... but the backlash that came with linking up with someone else wasn't all good for me. I was in it not to profit, but to help. 

11) I MADE this dress! not from a pattern but from trial and error! It gave me hope! 

10)  RECREATE: to give new life or freshness; to refresh. I saw the potential ...

9) One BFF bought a house and the other one is now practicing Law... on her own! #Bosses

8) Shapely Louise stitched and sewn by E. Louise debut on the runway!!!!

7) Progress was made towards my ultimate goal! Pre Reqs for my next Degree! Master's in Counseling!

6) I've been talking about getting a fade for forever!!!! I DID IT!

5) My suggestion, if you have trouble meeting great female friends...join a running group! Below are a few of my Black Girls Run sisters! I love ALL of them! They're so encouraging, funny and beautiful Full of nothing but testimonies and motivation! 

4) Made it to CHI-TOWN!

3) Big Sister passed the CPA, completed her 1st two 1/2 Marathons and I moved out!!! LOL I love her sooooo much!!!!

2) I completed my first 5K! It's On now!!! 

1) Last but not least, I stayed committed to one of my New Years resolutions for 2013! Look at me now, steady trying to make my after picture my before picture! and I wasn't scale driven! 

I cried a lot less this year! and I'm ok with that! God is good, he's real! and I'm Ready! See Y'all next year! 

E. Louise