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Me vs. my very real Stomach!

Hello My Fashion Forward friends!!! Hope all is GRAND in your world or you're at least experiencing the "NOrmal" wear and tear of life! (Praise God For Normalcy)

I had a breast reduction @ the end of May and I must say it was one of the BEST decisions I've made so far!! Walking is easier, running is easier sleeping seems better (even though I still snore, Sorry Linda), but I guess it would be since my chest is 5lbs lighter! #winning. Well, one draw back is that my stomach is HUGE!!! I think the F/G cup I was in before hid it all! I mean I knew it wasn't washboard but d*mn!!! LOL My philosophy is if you fail to speak on an insecurity then you let the insecurity win! So here it is... Real women have Belly's!!!! <---- or at least this makes me feel better. I'm on attack though! Been in the gym 5 days for the past two weeks and this up coming week , I will attempt two-a-days plus Detox! (Pray for my strength) I am motivated and by my 27th birthday change will come!

OAN: This weekend I went out with the besties and chose a black and grey leopard number I found in my new Favorite store!!! SEARS!!! <----- Best Kept Secret! I paired with some Nude shoes I found in Rack Rooms for like 15 bucks! Heck the earrings I had on cost more than that! LOL The feather earrings are "in" and it helped me to add the splash of color that I Luv! As always check it out and let me know what you think!

Make-Up Look for the night! ♥ my naked pallette

Keep Dreaming,

E. Louise

Styled By E. Louise (TAKE II)

Greetings Fashion Forward people!! (insert smile here)! Earlier this month I had the pleasure of putting together some colorful looks for a photo shoot for Linda the Great!! It was another fun day shared with me and some of my GREAT friends and Fam! I took mental notes on things I would do differently on the last time and I am pleased with the results. I feel like we stepped it up a notch, and when I look back at these photos in a few years I should still be excited! As always Check it out and let me know what you think!

Models: Ashley, Demetria, Bernice, Shaundrin and E. Louise (ME) =)
Photographer: Linda Travis- Duncan

Up close and Personal: MAKE-UP and HAIR SHOTS...

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Keep Dreaming,

E. LOuise