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Thrifty Thursday : Another Thrift Flip edition

Ok, So I haven't been thrifting in FOREVER!

I had to cut back on some things a few years ago and this was one area that haddd to go! Plus I have a second bedroom full of ideas (thrifted items) that I need to either get rid of or do something with. Well, now that prom season has ended, I have extra time on my hands and so BOOM you have another edition of Thrifty Thursday! YAYY!!!

Culottes- I remember my mom wearing these in the early 90's. She bought my sister and I some too! They were big and bright red! I'm sure there is a picture somewhere of us dressed a like. Anywho, yall know I love my vintage and my prints. When I saw this culottes jumper, I figured I could revamp it somehow without the print swallowing me.

Shoulders will be out all SUMMER 2019! A pretty easy cut to the top made all the difference. But, the before does give you a look at what "they" considered plus size fashion to be back in the day. Covered, baggy and whole lot of prints! I think we've come a loooonnng way! Praise God for growth!

 I was in between leaving the legs as is or adding a drape. I went with the drape, because it was different. It's a simple stitch that can be removed later if wanted.

The belt, purchased from ASOS, served dual purposes. 1) it broke up the print and 2) it cinched the waist line.

Jumper- Thrifted
Belt- ASOS
Shoes- Shoe Show
Earrings- Forever 21

I hope you guys are having a great week! I'm currently en route to Houston! Saw a restaurant I wanted to try and it's turned into a full fledged Girls Trip! Cheers to Summer 2019!


E. Louise