Live DemoNote:

Magic City Classic 2013

If you're familiar with HBCU's then you know that Magic City Classic is the BIGGEST HBCU classic to date!! It's really the LIVEST weekend in Birmingham, AL! LOL In other words us locals, ( since I pay taxes here, I think I'm a local now) wait for this all year long! Battle of the Bands, Tailgating, football, traffic, school pride, dancing, drinking and eating! Good times, good people!

OOTN: Dress - Gifted
             Vest- Thrifted
                              Shoes- Simply Fashions

Accessory Spill- 3 Chains Carmella's Boutique
Earrings- Simply Fashions

We had a good Time. It's our 3rd time hitting Kid Capri's Party! I'm getting old needing more recovery time! Hahahaha!


E. Louise