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REIGN Down on me.... OOTN 11/18/2011

Hope you guys aren't Bloated!!! I had a pretty good Holiday! How was yours?

This OOTN was worn to REIGN nightclub ATL. I SWEAR it was one of the BEST club experiences I had in Atlanta in a long time! There was no extended wait in line time, the price was normal, and the drinks... Lawd the drinks! I enjoyed myself thoroughly!! I got this jacket thrifting a few weeks ago and below is one way I chose to wear it. Check it out and let me know what you think! Y'all know how I feel about color so... =D

Jacket Thrifted
Skirt- Wet Seal

 Tights- Avenue
Boots- My Fall 2011 Fav Payless of course!

Hope this isn't Illegal!! LOL 

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Happy Thanksgiving!!! OOTD 11/23/2011

I have finally embraced fall! Only because I found this jumpsuit below!! I was browsing through Simply Fashions on last weekend and this JUMPED out at me! It can be worn off the shoulder as well and of course it has Curve appeal! It came with a smaller belt, but as stomach conscious as I am these days, I went with a wider one! I've been itching to wear this hat plus these boots make me feel Bohemian chic!! =) I love new looks! As always tell me what you think!  I hope you guys have a great gobble day!

 I love these earrings!!! Gifted by BFF!!

I got my TRI-POD!!! Yay! From Target...

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

OOTN: Birthday edition..."We wear Short Shorts..."

If you DARE wear short shorts.... I dared and I did!! I saw some sequin shorts on F21 website that I HAD to have! Problem was (really there was not a REAL problem), when they arrived they were a bit to short for my usual taste. So away in the dresser drawer they went. Until my lasted thrifting trip on last Wed. I got a color blocked jacket that had all the colors that make you say oooooweeee! LOL I added some textured tights from Ashley Stewart a gold gifted broach to serve as a button. In the words of the band LMFAO "I'm sexy and I know it..." <----Now watching the AMA's!

 Here is the jacket from the last post ....
 Shorts from F21, they don't look as short on this model. I wonder why??? LOL

Jacket- Thrifted
Shorts-Forever 21 Plus
Tights- Ashley Stewart
Boots- Payless
Clutch- Gifted
 Shameless Plug... I styled The one on the right... Peplum Dress = Thrifted!
Friendship Est. 1993

Great ensemble, great friends, aawesome old school party in ATL

Scorpio Season is coming to a close! They all helped me toast to the Evolution of E. Louise! =) Watch me Grow, Learn, Fight and Conquer!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday OOTD: 11/17/2011 Stylist Flow Edition

 I skipped last week, but I'm back with a vengeance this week!!! Thrifty Thursday is in full effect!!! This is the 1st look to be added to my stylist flow edition.When I put things together that most people may not understand,  I refer to these looks as "My Stylist flow". Simply because stylists can get away with wearing things that other people may not be able to pull off. These choices are the ones that I find myself the most proud of. I dig deep and step outside the box.That is always fun!!
Thrifting this week produced some REALLY cute finds!! Not to mention that I have a new found "Friend" at the Salvation Army who blessed me with some really great prices!! Like 3 jacket/blazers for $5.00!! She believes in me!! LMBO I got these pants a few weeks back, bought this blazer today and paired it with a Old Navy tank and grey pumps to tone the colors down a bit. The pants are full of color so I had a lot to choose from. There is a hint of blue in the pants and this blazer helps to bring those colors to the forefront. Same deal with the tank. Who said that you can't be colorful in the Winter time. Not I said E. Louise! =) Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!!!

                                                       I wasn't feeling my smile much today...

Blazer- Thrift Buy
Printed Trousers- Thrifted
Tank- Old Navvy
Necklace- Dots Fashions
Pumps- Payless
Earrings- Thrifted

                         I get my Tri-pod tomorrow! That way I can get away from this wall!! lol

Other Items from this week's thrifting: I will more than likely be wearing both of these this weekend!!! I'm so EXCITED!!! I almost can't wait!

I plan to have a GREAT weekend! Headed to ATL for an Old School Party! Yes, I am still celebrating my birthday!! Happy Thursday!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

MAgic City Classic 2011 ASU vs. AAMU OOTN (1)

So... I'm playing catch up with these next couple of posts! As the year goes on, time seems to be  escaping FAST!!!

 Magic City Classic is one of if not the biggest classic game here in Alabama. It's a war between Alabama State University (ASU) and Alabama A&M University (AAMU). The last couple of years I've been participating in the festivities (Tailgating and the After parties) and this year was no different. I have friends that went to both schools, but one of the BFF's graduated from AAMU. She came down and in the words of Biggie Smalls "We partied and Bull S*&T-ed" all weekend long! =) The memories! My Outfit choice for Friday night was a Blazer that I picked up thrifitng a few months ago! My intentions were to change the buttons and get rid of the handkerchief thingy! But, I tried the blazer on again at home and I fell in love! How dare I attempt to alter perfection!!!! LOL I paired it with basic black tights and some boots I picked up from Payless! Love love love the look! I was comfortable and felt cute. As always check it out and let me know what you think.


Blazer- Thrifted
Tights- Wal-mart
Booties- Payless
SN: I wore 2 pairs of tights for warmth purposes. The 2nd pair had holes in it! lol
Hence the thigh buckling. *Shoulder Shrug*
This houndstooth print is PERFECTION!

Haha! I don't know what was playing but we was ready!

No they are not Twins!! LOL My bestie (left) and her big sis (right)!

I hope the remainder of your week is pleasant!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

"Whateva I say yall gotta do..." Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! =)

Happy Hump day!!! Today is my 27th Birthday and I wanted to share my first "late 20's" look with you! lol First let me say WOW!! God is GOOD!! I look forward to what he has in store for me and my future! "Oh taste and see that the lord is Good...good to me"  It's funny because at 25 I was looking for this great life plan to fall out of the sky and hit me in my forehead! That's the year that I lost my Father so instead of the epiphany, my heart and spirit was full of grief. The equation for that year is as follows... grief x faith= GROWTH!!!  <---Message!! 
God revealed a lot at the age of 26! I uncovered some of my hearts desires, and he is allowing me to walk the path of his promises. I appreciate that because the feeling of being lost in this big ole world is no fun! =(  I feel like I have a sense of direction and at the age of 27 I will be kicking it up a notch!!! This is only the beginning, buckle up, follow me, and witness the journey to the destination. Mood: EXCITED!

OOTD: Pretty in pink! I wanted to be super girly today! I'm going to see Kirk Franklin tonight and I wanted a Smiley face T- shirt! LOL I know, I have my lame moments but whatever... Playa's eff up too! LOL Instead I saw this Pink and white Dalmatian print crop top and I fell in love! I paired it with dark denim wash jeggings and my fav fall/winter 2011 boots!!! Whallah Magic! I feel cute!

Oh and these glasses though... Floral Print Rim (Claire's) This one is for you ZAG!!!

Necklace Charlotte Rouse
                       My facial expressions were not my friend today. But this body pose is aight!
I have a blue purse like this that I swear goes with EVERYthing!!! lol
Earrings: GIFTED 1st B'day gift this year! Thanks JT

I hope you guys will lift a glass in the celebration of E. Louise! As always, let me know what you think!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise