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Faux Leather and Company... OOTN!

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! If I would've let life have it's way, mine would've headed down hill! Fortunately, it was savaged and I wound up having a really good time!
So, after some MORE car trouble I made it home just in time to change clothes for night one of my class reunion! Well, when I opened my suitcase, I realized that I'd only packed pieces of different outfits!!!! <---a stylists NIGHTMARE! Luckily, I always leave things to wear at my Mom's house and was able to put something together.... 
I wore the shirt shown above, but upside down to give the crop top effect...

added my all purpose, Black blazer...

Paired with a Faux Leather Skirt that came from Ashley Stewart a few years ago....

Pink Suede pumps...

and a STAR was born! LOL



All week (well not really all) I'd been searching for a shirt I could transform and it was one in my closet! I guess I should have looked there first! lol Have a great week!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: Houndstooth and polka Dots

Good Morning!

YESS today is Friday Thursday and were just that close to the weekend! <---This always excite me!
Quick Post today! I thrifted this Blazer a few Weeks ago, I couldn't believe it was still there because I stay in Bama and this print is a HUGE deal! I'm always feeling flirty so I paired it with Pink. I love mixing prints so Polka Dot wedges was the move! Check me out below...

Blazer- Thrifted
Highwaist Tights-
Wedges- Shoe Show

Accessories- Thrifted
Bracelet- It's Fashions

All I want for My Birthday,,,

Good Morning!!

Oh how I wish I was off today!! This past weekend was a ball of fun! But I guess I'll catch up with sleep throughout the week!!

My birthday was Friday so I went out here (Birmingham) and on Saturday I went to Atl. I've been wanting to try Brazilian for a while so the chosen few and I went to Fogo De Chao'! It was GOOODDDD!!!

Saturday Night Look- So I saw a fellow Boutique owner on a picture and she had on one of the BADDEST dresses EVER! It wasn't plus size but the wheels in my mind begin turning! I went thrifting and found this leopard print dress and decided to add the tutu at the bottom! I googled "How to make a Tutu" and watched a few videos on the subject. Once I put the tulle on the elastic, I just sewed it to the bottom of the thrifted dress/ The 1st thing my best friend said when she saw me was "You so Extra!" Well... Check me out and tell me what you think.

I'll post my Friday night look tonight! Headed to work! Happy Monday!
Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: Ode to Fall Stripes and Teal

Good morning!
Happy Thrifty Thursday! I've been keeping up with my looks but really only have time to post to FB. I need to do a collage of looks so you can see what's been coming out of my "LAB"! LOL Today's ensemble is an All thrift, well the shirt and the tights are. It's funny, when I was buying the two they were on the counter together, and I said hmmmm that looks cute! I added my JC inspired wedges (From Shoe Show) and Bam! The weather has been Flip Flopping so this look is perfect, for this day! Check me out!
Top, Tights - Thrifted
Wedges- Shoe Show

                      I got the Wet and Wild Pallette "I got good Jeans"... LOVE IT! added a nude lippe!

Owww... My view!
Tomorrow Is My Birthday so.. I'll be back!!! Happy Thusday, I see a weekend in my future!
keep Dreamin,
E. Louise 

Thrifty Thusday: Fall gear (check)

Greetings and Welcome to this week's edition of Thrifty Thursday!

I went blazer shopping last week, I started off looking for other people and found some pieces I didn't want to part with. Like this Black one! It's not to tight on the arms, has slits at the bottom, and puff sleeves!!! Yep I'm crushing! lol I'm trying to step my fashion game up by mixing prints, adding color, with a splash of vintage! I guess, this may change next week! *Shrug*  Any who check me out below...

Blazer- Thrifted
Jeggings- Rainbow
Wedges- Citi Trends

Earrings-Ashley Stewart

Button Detaling

I hope you enjoyed!! Thank you for following. Be sure you follow me on:
Twitter/Instagram: @ShapelyLouise
Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise

Orange Hot...OOTN

Happy Friday!!!
You know orange fire is hotter than Red right! HAHA! (you know I had to google to make sure I remembered correctly!) If you guys are following me on Facebook, you know that I am ABSOlutely IN Love with K-Mart Fashions! Cute, affordable clothing, and it's always a sale going on over there!

Last weekend, I went to a comedy Show and for drinks afterwards! My choice was a bright orange dress from the   line at K-Mart. It fit like a 10 and was only $8! Hand clap for the deal! I snapped a few pictures, this is a large!

Stop Sleeping on K-Mart! I might slide through there today!

Have a great weekend!

E. Louise

Thrifty Thusday: Reto edition

Good Morning Good People!

I have soooo much to share with you!!! Since I have some free time on my hands these days, I'll start with Thrifty Thursday and work my way back! I'm coming off of a great great weekend!!! I got to stay at home with my Mom for a few extra days! While @ home I located a thrifting spot that was a few doorsteps away from the house. I didn't get there until they were about to close, but I was able to find the best shirt $1 could buy! lol Check me out below...

Blouse- Thrifted $1
Tights- The Avenue
Pumps- Torrid

Staged Laughter that turned into a real outburst! lol

 Earrings- It's Fashions
Chain Necklace- Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed my Pick for the week!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

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