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Faith Over Fear : it's A lifestyle Change

What better time to wear a message tee than Easter? Faith over Fear, I've been actively practicing this for the past few years. Each year I feel like I'm being challenged or taken to another level of difficulty, constantly being put in positions where I have to trust God more and more. I remind myself of all that he has done and that serves as reassurance that everything is going to be ok. Faith over Fear is a lifestyle change...Literally.

I’ve been trying to figure out how raw or transparent I wanted to be. The last time I spoke on this (last Easter) I had a decision to make. I lost a lot of sleep trying to figure out my next move. *Insert Drum Roll* I can proudly say I CHOSE TO STRUGGLE! 

So here’s the thing, my lease ended a few years ago but no one in the office caught it and I wasn’t finna say nothing!! I toyed with the idea of moving back with my mom (Montgomery), my sister (Birmingham), or heading to the Hollywood of the South (ATL)  all financially  safe choices.  None of which I went with. I decided to re-sign my lease for another year. It was most definitely a faith move. But when I tell you I slept so good afterwards. I felt like that was confirmation from God that I had made the right choice. I try not to lose sight of that, but it gets a little cloudy at times.  He gave me hope.

I went through a shameful period. I was ashamed to tell people I was unemployed. Like instead, I would give wayyy too much info. "I was a recruiter, but I got laid off, now I'm working two jobs just trying to make ends meet..." Blah, Blah, Blah. All because I wasn't confident in the changes that God was/is making in my life.  Not seeing that I was being placed in a position to grab hold of REAL freedom. That Create your own way freedom. That I work for my damn self FREEDOM...He gave me freedom.

I went through a withdrawal period. I was pretty uncomfortable. I'd been applying for jobs, and getting rejection after rejection after rejection. So much so, I stopped alerting people of my interview opportunities. I was trying so hard to reposition, not to be a burden or needy. But I felt so discouraged, worried, and rejected that I withdrew.  He gave me time.

Before I was laid off I kept having recurring dreams of me being put in situations where I would HAVE to come out fighting.  One dream in particular, I’d been kidnapped, I sat in the corner for a while, really sad and afraid. Out of nowhere it hit me!  My thoughts: Hell they may kill you anyway, might as well go out fighting! So I did!  Then I woke up. I wasn’t sure what it meant then, but I can take a good guess now. He Gave me the Will to fight   

At the turn of the New Year, I made the decision that I was not going to fill myself with worry in 2016! I've stayed true to that so far. I had to change my attitude and accept where I am at this point in life. I realized that my attitude was preventing me from progressing and moving forward. I was too busy trying to recreate what was, when I should've been creating/dreaming/shouting about what could be! I was limiting my high-life points without knowing it. Now, I'm ok with working two jobs and devoting more time tailor making my own dreams. Because, I truly believe the best is yet to come!  He Renewed my spirit.
T-shirt: DIY
Skirt/Vest: Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe Show

To be continued...

Cheers to being GREAT!

Happy Tuesday!

E. Louise

Spring 1st: Seize the season

Happy First Day of Spring!

The pollen, the bees, and the wasps are out, but so is the Sun! Flowers are blooming, trees are coming alive,and bright colors are returning to our wardrobe! YASSSSS!

I'm working for Joann Arts and crafts part-time and I'm surrounded by a whole lot fabric, and it's torture! Lol Any who, I bought the fabric for this skirt with spring in mind and it did not disappoint.

The high waist pleated skirts are very flattering, so I made me one. Paired it with a thrifted blue jean top and I'm feeling so ready for the season! Happy Spring People!

Hair: @SooooVeronique
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: @Shapelylouise
Shoes: Rack Room

Seize the Season!!!!!

Happy Sunday
E. Louise