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POLk-ah dOts, FLOwerS, and STrIpes (She-Mix)

Wow!! Has it really been a month?!?!? I do apologize, but the last couple of weeks have been dedicated to Family! Family Reunion (Hershey, PA), Family Wedding (Detroit,MI), and Family Birthday (Atlanta, GA). *Rubs Eyes* I'm tired!! LOL So today, as I skipped out on Bible study, (insert JUDGEMENT here, if u must ) I decided to devote some MUCH needed time to Shapely Louise.

I had a mini photo shoot in the back yard today. I've been meaning to post a few different things for a minute now, so why not roll it into one? I've been thrifting and it seems like stripes, polka dots and flowers are all that catches my attention. This is a problem since the seasons are rapidly changing. But hey, US fashion forward thinkers make our own rules right????  I found this yellow Polka Dot shirt and originally paired it with gray but yellow and Blue makes... A CUTE combo!! So I split the looks into Summer and Fall.

 I was reading an article in Cosmo (I think) where they were saying that it is ok to mix prints as long as the main/base color in one piece can be found in the other. I put this to test below in the stripes mixed with flowers. I think it's cute but my "CuTE" is forerver changing!!!   =) Check it out and let me know what you think!

Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise

(Summer Look)
Shirt -Thrifted
Skirt- Wet Seal
Belt/Accessories-Ashley Stewart/ Thrifted
(Fall Look)
Tights- Dots
Shoes- DSW
Necklace - Forever 21
Jacket- thrifted
Make up look- Blue Smokey Eye
  Fuchsia Pink Lip Color

I think this works with or without the belt
Shirt- Rue 21
Belt- Forever 21 +

P.S. I have finally gotten the hang of Picasa, so you will see alot more pics from me!