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Clothes in Shxt: A Fashion tribute to Solange Knowles Day 2

It's no secret that my favorite Knowles' sister fashion wise is SOLANGE hands down!  I mean can you blame me? Her style is creative, it's forward, it's unapologetic, fierce, fabulous, represents freedom and speaks to my creative soul!

When styling for clients her fashion profile is one I draw from for inspiration I had an idea. For my Birthday, I wanted to dedicate a fashion week to Solange. I'd take a few of her looks, recreate them (whether it be sewn by me or thrifted), take pic and post! #CelebrityStyleCapture Well, I ended up breaking my camera =(. But, where there's a will there's a way! Lucky for me I have friends who just so happen to be MU and photography experts!

I get to dress like Solange for a whole week and I'm too excited about it.

Let's get into this $1200 Michelle Mason Leather Sleeved Trench tho! I was so bothered at how hot this was, that my creative wheels begin to turn! Now, there's no way that I can afford this, but I can recreate it! I thrifted my Trench! It was a $4.99 buy! My first thought was to use spray paint, but I had some extra red fabric around the house. I didn't feel that my coat was long enough anyway so I did a little sewing by adding the red to the bottom of the coat and whallah! 

 Shirt: thrifted
Pants: Rue 21
Shoes: Shoe Show
Trench- Thrifted /Altered by Shapely Louise 

The Wind was my Friend!
MUA: @Brassy Beauty
Hair: Pretty Protective Styles By V
Photography: @CJHarris1985

I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!

Happy Tuesday!

E. Louise