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Thrifty Thursday: From Skirts to Shirts...


Yep, I'm guilty and it's been a minute! Now if you judge me off of intention, I been blogging STRONG for the last 2 months! HAHA! Hopefully you're following me on InstaGram (@shapelylouise) and Facebook (! I keep up with those pretty frequently! Plus I really miss my camera! The flash went out on me a few months back and I still haven't replaced it yet! I've been using my sister's... Of course she doesn't mind! (insert smirk)

Ya'll know I'm a tad bit different, and just like most of you, thinking outside of the box is 2nd nature! So, I've been on this kick of wearing skirts as shirts! When I was thrifting last week, I saw this  skirt(Size Lg) on the rack! But instantly felt Crop top is how I would wear it! It's one of those forever stretchy materials, and you know that's a curvy girl's Bestie! =) I paired it with some $.99 shorts whose print spoke volumes to me and I'll be Da*ned! We have a winner!

I felt real Afro Centric!

One Day I'll start posting make up details... Just not today!

My Clutch is thrifted as well #Vintage Kick
Shoes: From

Styled By E. Louise
The top had a seam down the middle, I cut it! It turned out GREAT!!!
Ran into a lot of friends from HS (and present), You know it was hot cause my fro shrunk right on up! lol

It was a celebration!! I'm one proud friend! She closed on her house!!

I hope you all are have a great work week!!!! If not, Friday is right around the corner!!!

Happy Weekend!

Live, Grow, Learn,

E. Louise