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Weekend Choice...

Monday, MONday, MONDAY!!!!

Happy Monday folks!!! My weekend didn't go as planned and there was no Orlando =( for me buttt I did get to spend some time with the immediate Family! My Mom, sister, and I went to see TP's new movie Good Deeds. Which was one of his best movies (I think)! Afterwards we went to dinner, ate good and I went home and caught up on some MUCH needed sleep.

My weekend choice were $ 3.00 thrifted pants, $2.00 thrifted vest and stripped shirt from Rue 21. Check me out below...

I'm soo READY for Spring!

Shirt- Rue 21
Vest - Lane Bryant via. Thrifted
Harem Pants- Thrifted
Shoes- Shoe Department


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Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday Spotlight: Black and yellow...

Happy Thursday!!!

So I've been wanting to spotlight others on Thrifty Thursday because I know y'all bout tired of looking at me! lol Well I seized the opportunity last weekend with my "down for whatever friend!" She like to play dress up with me! I ♥ her for that! LOL This Jacket was thrifted and is FOR SALE! Size Small/Medium and if I could wear it I would! Now if I had've been prepared, I would've found some colored jeans to pair this with. But you gotta WERK what you got!!!

Check her out!!!

Model - A. Smith
Make up/styling: E. Louise

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Enjoy your weekend, I'm headed to Orlando!!! =)

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

“Do you know what today is? It’s my Blog-a-Versary” A year in review….

***WARNING- This Post is All involved***

A look back:

One year ago today, I worried about rather my take on fashion would be accepted in the blogger world… 365 days, 160+ followers and 200 plus likes later, it has been! I did not realize that blogging would consume as much time as it has and I think that we all can agree it’s a 2nd JOB!!! 0.o But nothing much matters  when you’re doing something you love! I was late for work the other day because I needed to finish a blog post! LOL For the most part blogging comes first! ANNNNDDD The thrill is NOT gone! I’m just as excited to post new and different looks as I was last year! Ready to see what my blogger made friends will have to say!! The positive feedback is EVERYTHING to me!
The blogosphere is a place where I feel the most comfortable thinking outside the box!  I put looks on display and just as other bloggers inspire me, it turns out that I inspire others!!! WHO KNEW! People get me!
I’ve already spoke on thinking outside the box, but I feel like the biggest difference between now is my growth in confidence. I mean I would put circles, stripes, plaid and flowers together if I could find a way! Lol My fashion sense is really no longer about fashion but it’s a form of expression that varies from day to day! I learned the following about myself …I AM NOT SCARED! ßThis is something that I plan to take with me throughout life! Why because I’m confident enough to make it right even if it may be wrong… According to the stories my folks (family, depends on what part of the country you in) tell, I’ve always been like this!  I feel like I’m a step closer to my dreams and this is a practice run. 
I’m in a Celebratory mood so my look of the day is FUN… Check me out…..

Dress- Rue 21 (few years back)
Shirt- Rainbow                         
Shoes - ATL                            

                                  ♥♥♥THE GIVE AWAY!! ♥♥♥
I’m usually always in the giving mood sooooo…. Help me celebrate by entering my Blog-a-Versary give away!!! The Prize is *insert Drum roll* This BEAUTiful Hand bag

Bag Purchased from Accessory City!!!! Exclusive Only 2 were shipped to the store!

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CHEERS to more years to come! Happy Birthday Shapely Louise!!!

SN: Apparently I started this blog on my Dad's Birthday, he wouldve been 71 years young today. Today I will be celebrating his life as well...   
"Don't look so sad I know its over But life goes on and this world keeps on turning Let's just be glad we have this time to spend together... For the Good Times" ~AL Green ***Im in the Shades!!***

Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise

SKirt today, Dress tonight!!! Thrifty Thursday 2/16/2012 Revisited: Potential OOTN

Happy Monday afternoon!!
This is a quick post, a follow up to my last Thrifty Thursday! I bought this skirt and it can be worn as a skirt oooorrrrr a HAWT Curve Appreciation Dress! After I put this on as a dress the song by Missy Elliott and Nicole Ray started playing in my head... "I got what you want, Got what you need..." #FeelingMyself It's a perfect transitional dress! Not too Hot Not too cold! Picks are Below...

I chose to compliment the print with berry, but I think yellow, orange, or red would be fiyah as well!!!

See you tomorrow, I'm off to find something GORGE to kick off my BLOG-A-VERSARY tomorrow!!! YAY!!! Happy Birthday to ShapEly Louise!!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 

THIRFTING 101:I I thrift inTribal print... A SHOPPING EXPERIENCE

Greetings All!!

I hope your weekend was/is as sweet as "Love on Top"! Mine was/is and even better I'm off tomorrow!!! All last week I planned to go thrifting on Saturday and had an entourage to join me! All in hopes that I could teach them how to thrift! I must admit this made me nervous! I was hoping that we wouldn't get to the Thrift store and not walk away with anything! LAWD, this was too much pressure! LOL But in all fun, what they really wanted to know was my vision for the things they picked up! That was easy!!! I had a vision for everything except a Farmer's pair of blue jean overalls!! LOL We had a good time and I picked up a few pieces! Laughter was needed after going to Whitney Houston's funeral.... (You know I mean watching in my living room)

My outfit choice was a tribal print shirt ($3 buy) from rainbow, a pair of jeggings, blazer and knee boots...

Blazer- Thrifed
Top- Rainbow $3 buy
Jeggings- Rainbow
Boots- Simply Fashions

Found a good piece of nature right in my back yard!

FOTD: Foundation -Bovanti
            Eyes: Naked Palette
LIPs: Blush coastal scents

Below pics of me and the girls...

and there you have it!!! Hope I'll be posting all week! Got some catching up to do! If your are off or going to work tomorrow, HAVE a great day!!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 

Thirfty Thursday:OOTD 2/16/12

Good Morning!!! So I know I've been MIA this week buttttt I did manage to keep up with Thrifty Thursday!!! Today's feature is this grey and blue printed skirt! A perfect combination for the dreary weather today! I paired it with a red blazer that was thrifted a while back. Added the under shirt and pinkish nude shoes from Payless and my OOTD is complete! The skirt cost was about $5.00 but it came as a set. See photos below...

Blazer- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
shoes- Payless
belt- Ashley Stewart
Tank- Old Navy

As you can see I'm still rocking the natural....

Close up!!! Missed a smudge but It's ok!

I hope you enjoyed my choice for this week! I'll be putting out quite a few post over the next week or so. I have a lot of catching up to do! =) Continue to have a great week!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: OOTD 2/9/2012

Good Morning Beautiful people!!  So happy it's Thursday (S-H-I-T)!! LOL well it's the truth!
Anyway, today's thrifty Thursday features a royal blue skirt I bought for a whopping 0.86 cents!!! YES you read correctly!! AND it's a *DRUM ROLL* Size SMALL!!! But it stretches, enough for what I call comfortable Curve Appreciation!! Today I am business SEXY!!! And I already got a few once over's from my female coworkers!! (things that make me smile) This blouse, also thrifted was 3.99 from the local Salvation Army....

I ordered this corset belt from F21 last summer. I love it, but it becomes uncomfortable after a few hours. Now that I'm working on this midsection. I should be able to wear it longer.  

 I went wedding dress shopping in ATL with one of my best friends a few weeks ago, and next door was a shoe store that I would consider a gold mine!!! I got these yellow pumps and in talking to the owner I found out that they custom make shoes!!!!! *Sings Praises* The store is not up and running online yet, but as soon as they get a web site going, I'll pass the information on!!!
Skirt- Thrifted
Blouse- Thrifted
Vest- Thrifted
Pump- Shoe Boutique in ATL
Belt- F21
Earrings- Ashley Stewart

This vest is also a $2 thrift find, this is actually the look I went with for work today.

I'm rocking my natural!! Now all I need is to add my color.
I hope you enjoyed my selection for the week!! Enjoy your pre-Friday!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise