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Simon Says: Live. Love. Laugh

Good Morning!
Happy Tuesday! I'm in Alabama and I swear this is the coldest winter EVER! I mean I have "winter clothes" for 40 degree lows not 15, 12 and 7! Even my truck was like "WTF is this?!" LMBO Any who, this past weekend we had a break! The high was 57! Praise him! I had to bring the Nikon out!
Has anyone heard of a store called Roses? I went to see my Mom a few weeks ago and we went inside her favorite store. To my surprise, there were quite a few hidden gems in there! Prices and quality were both on point and one of the items I picked up was this shirt for $4! Simon Says: Live.Love.Laugh, if I could add Learn to the tee, it'll really be perfect!

No boo this year,  for Vday but I still celebrate! Instead of the traditional pink and red attire. I'll probably go for something like this!

Outfit Details: Jacket and Skirt- Thrifted
   Shirt- Roses
       Boots- Payless
                             Earrings- Zelle Couture (IG)

if you just so happen to be in the Birmingham Area on Sunday! Come out and support me in my new adventure! I'm so excited!
Hope you have a great week! If I don't see you before Friday, Happy Valentines Day! XOXO
E. Louise