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No Limit (s) : A week of THIS Army Fatigue Trench Coat...

I had a dream... yes, a dream about this coat. Woke up, googled it, and I saw nothing. The way my Creativity is set up these days, if I can't buy it, (which I couldn't) I'll make it! So I went to the thrift store, bought three jackets, and put them all together.

The next question I had was, what would I wear this coat with? Answer: Hell, Army Fatigue IS the new black. So let's just say Everything! LOL I plan to dress this up, dress it down, I'm wearing this mug to the gym, and the laundry mat! HAHAHAHA

Since the University of Alabama won the National Championship last night. I had to add the houndstooth. Today we're mixing prints.

Jacket- Thrifted / Created
Jeans- DIY
Top- Thrifted
Boots - Citi Trends

Happy Tuesday!