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What's going on peeps???

I hope you guys are not being blown away by this Fall wind!!! I am so not a fan of Summer or Winter and those seem to be the seasons that linger. Any who, in blog surfing I've seen other blogger's do "inspirational posts". I saw this outfit on Simplybe and the colors jumped out at me immediately! I knew that I could mimic this look with no problem.

The blues and greens play off of each other and the brown shoes neutralizes the look, but keeps it bright at the same time. This same outfit with black shoes would have brought on the dark cloud!

Usually, when it's time for church, I roll out of bed running!! (LATE) So, I mean I look decent but, I'on (I don't) really take the time on my outfit as I would when stepping out for other occasions. Well, I decided not to do God like that on this particular Sunday lol. I put together my rendition of the outfit above, with a few tweaks of course. As always check it out and let me know what you think.

Shirt: Know Style Boutique
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: DSW
Belt: Rainbow
Earrings: Knited
Necklace and Bracelet: Ashley Stewart and Thrifted

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E. Louise

I won, I won, I shot the BB gun... #POW

Greetings Fashion Forward Friends!!!

A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta for the Jill Scott and Friends ( Anthony Hamilton, Dougie Fresh, Mint Condition) (Pics coming soon)  and I stopped by one of my favorite stores Dots Fashions. They carry plus sizes and they usually have some really cute things! I always walk out of there with a bag in hand!  I saw this dress and knew it was a must have! It was a different but cute print, and I knew the material would hug me in all the right spots! I love one shoulder dress and this one added the bell bottom sleeve! One of my good friends from high school threw her Boyfriend a surprise party so this was my pic of the night.

I became a fan of Dots Facebook page and saw a lot of people uploading their Dot's outfits so, I uploaded mine! LOL I didn't know that they chose a "Diva of the week" from those pics! And guess who won!! *points to self*! Whoop whoop! (Dots Page) The winner receives a $25 gift card! Being the bargain shopper that I am,  I sholl (sure do)  appreciate it!

Being Silly...

My Friend Crystal (Top) and her Boo Nelson, the birthday guy (bottom)


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E. Louise

Look what I found!!

What's going on??? Can you believe that it's September All ready?? This year is speeding past me! Any who, I've Been thrifting again ( it has become one of my all time fav past times), I saw this skirt and the potential jumped out at my! Had to grab it! Put it with Red accessories, a tank and off to work I went! Didn't wear the wedges to work, I was afraid that made the fit to "clubby". Plus, I hate wearing heels to work! I do too much walking around and a woman, with aching feet is not pleasant! Lol Always check it out and let me know what you think!

Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise

Skirt- Thrifted
Tank- Old Navy
Shoes- It's Fashions
Belt- Ashley Stewart
Necklace- Forever 21