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Thrifty Thursday: Shine Bright Like....Sequin

Good Morning!! Happy Thrifty Thursday!!! Unfortunately I'm a part of the sick and Shut in today, so I wasn't able to wear my fit, so if you see me with it on tomorrow instead... JUDGE NOT lol I thrifted this top the week before NYE 2012 and I actually had my big sis in mind (It's a small) Well she decided against it and as curious as I am, I wanted to know if it fit me... IT did!!!!!! All night I thought about what I could pair it with and God answered with Yellow tights, also thrifted, and this wrap belt! *inserts ricky Bobby* AYYYEEE, my style has a mind of it's on! Check me out!  

Shoes- Rack Rooms

I hope you enjoyed! I need to get off this computer before my Mom or big sister sees me! LMBO They don't play! Until next week loves!


E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: It fits a lil Snug...

Good Morning! Guess Who got a make overrrrrrr!!!!!! =)
 Happy Thrifty Thursday! My first Thrifty posted to the blog this year! I do keep up, but  on FB, Twitter and My new Fav...Instagram! Find me anywhere under Shapely Louise!
So I know Alabama winters are a big joke to some, but we still get cold! I saw this dress @ Goodwill and I fell in love with the front! The material is stretchy so, it def had curve appeal! Of course I had to try it on, and now it's in my closet! 
Dress- Thrifted

I'll own the hallways in this one... Well at least that how I feel!

Boots- Simply Fashions

Bracelet- Ashley Stewart
Necklace- Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Weekend!
E. Louise 

Happy New Year!!! 2013

Good Morning!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Is it too late to say that?!?! NEVER!! Never to late to wish goodwill and prosperity! I did'nt really write down any New Year resolutions this time. Well I almost never writh them down, but I ususally make some! But this year, I just want to grow! Grow in every aspect of life! I did ok in 2012... placed fear aside, stepped out on faith, but I was constantly waiting on the ball to drop. You ever just knew things were going to go wrong somewhere?! LOL Controlled Faith is what I call it.

Anywhoo, I brought the new year in with some of my ALL time Favs! I went home to Montgomery where there was a party downtown. It looked a lil shaky @ 1st but when they turned the lights down, the vibe went up! We had a good time! As for outfit choice, I wanted to sparkle so I went with a thrifted top ( Thrifted by my friend for me!) and a Sequin skirt made by J. Thomas!

Me and the Big Sis

Happy New Year!

Kenshia looking FAB!!!

(Photo Courtesy of Mr. Grind)

I'm charged up ready!!! (well I'm trying) LOL Happy New Year!!!!

Live.Grow.Learn (New Signature)

E. Louise