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Splashing into the New Year (Part I): Collab with Splashed by DKG

I cannot believe it's MARCH already!

I hope your 2017 is beginning on a high note! Notes full of renewed dreams, hope, and faith! I have quite a few things planned for 2017! One is to connect with other like minded business creatives in a effort to grow! It's only fitting that the first post of the year be a master collaboration with some of Birmingham's FINEST right! SplashedbyDKG is making waves with the freshest twist on a classic trend. So I was honored when they reached out and asked me to review a few things from their line!

I guess we can thank Kim K., or her stylist, for her single handed reboot of the 70's/90's accessory THE NECK CHOKER. (SN: you know you're getting old when trends circle back from your childhood.) 
This particular revitalization takes me back to a happier, bill free, time of watching Clueless over and over again, but I digress. In true form, the guys over at Splashed By DKG added a spin, not only is the choker blue jean, it's SPLASHED (of course), with  black beaded trim, and two snaps for size adjust-ability.

Excited ain't even the word! How many ways was I going to style these thangs! So many ideas floating about! I decided that I'm going to style it as many ways as I can! The styling capabilities with blue jean is endless so the sky is the limit. Sometimes, you have to let the accessories lead. In this case, I'm letting the choker from Splashed By DKG and my boots take the front Seat.

Choker - Splashed By DKG
Boots- Ashley Stewart
Top - Fashion To Figure
Olive Coat- Simply 10


Paired with an Olive duster, bustier, and tights; The choker helped to add the finishing touches to make my OOTN complete. The perfect blend of not doing too much yet still making a statement.

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Thank you for Reading!

E. Louise