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It's working for my Good! : Weekend Recap

Greetings! Happy New Year!! Wishing you well in 2015! I'm actually and honestly really nervous about not knowing what this year will bring! But, I'm working on that... However, I'm still excited! My plan this year is to get back to the basics! Of course that puts blogging more back to the top of the list! I say this every year, but I really mean it!
I haven't been outside the house since Thursday! The funny thing is, I took off Friday to get ready for the weekend, but I ended up not being able to get out the bed! Yep, I was apart of the sick in shut in! I'd been in denial about not feeling well all week! Even pushed through laryngitis! Not sure why I'm so hard headed, but I have wayyy too much to do and being sick is not on the list! ATL was in the plans! Reco Chapple, designer/owner of House of Chapple, was having a Stylist Mogul Brunch today. But I got a call from him this morning (Yes I GOT A CALL FROM RECO CHAPPLE), saying it will be rescheduled. So this would've been my OOTD... 
I'm really into wearing dresses as jackets. I picked up this Blue jean piece on one of my thrifty excursions from last week!
 I made this pencil skirt last year and the crop top came from Simply Fashions.

Hope your weekend is going better than mine! The Sun is out, and I want to enjoy it! Happy Sunday!


E. Louise