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THRIFTY THURSDAY: OOTD: 1/26/2012 Nip Tuck...

MORNING!!! This post BARELY made it! I was going to just skip Thrifty Thursday this week, but I really didn't want too! I'm so proud of my first hem...Crooked and all! LOL But I'm wearing it like it's perfect! The imperfect perfection!!

So I got this dress on my thrifting adventure with Tamika a few weeks ago. I love the print and the style... you know vintage! Ain't no stopping me now that I have my sewing machine!!! The tag says size 28 but now it fits me! This dress has been NIP TUCKED! <---Another new phrase!! lol

So you know she gave me the STANK FACE again! This time I was able to CAPTURE the moment!Then she said "A Moo-Moo?!?!?!" I was cracking up in this picture!! Can you tell?


Not perfect, but I'm pleased!   

I love the shoulder detail...

The back

I couldn't wait to share this with you guys! How did I do??? =)
continue to have a great week! CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN WEEKEND!!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

OOTN: Leopard Blue Jean Mix

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Supercharged for the week! Mine was ok, but I always hate to see Sunday leave...Saturday a Co-worker had a gathering at some unfamiliar place on the unfamiliar side of town. I was unsure how that atmosphere would be so I wanted to be cute but comfortable. I love tights and these leopards allow me to be comfortable but fashionable at the same time....

I got this blue jean corset top from Torrid almost a year ago but never had the chance to wear it...Ordinarily I would have worn red shoes but again I wanted to be comfortable. Didn't know if I would be standing or what not.
Corset- Torrid

 I did however break out my staple piece red leather waist jacket though...OKOKOK it's not real leather got this number from Simply Fashions last year for under $10.00!!
 My Earrings were a HIT! =)
One Day, this side profile will be perfect (in my eyes)

                             I will soon do a post on how versatile these pants are...I LOVE them!!!

The place was cool! It was what we call "The hole in wall..."  But I had a decent time! Even ran into my buddy Lesia! Her fashion sense is sick and twisted too! She Should totally Blog!!

Lesia and I

Thanks for reading!! Continue to have a great week!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: Shake-a-Tail-feather MINI SKIRT

Hey Hey HEY it's Thurs-DAY!!! lol Ok so now you know I'm really corny sometimes!! lol I'm glad that it's the end of the work week! My weekend plans say that I may head over to ATL for the Thrift Swap that Two Stylish Kays is hosting! My My My that would be so much fun, just need someone to go with!  Anywho, last weekend "ME" Time was in full effect and I ended up at the thrift store... Go Figure! The dress below is one of the items that many passed up, NOT ME! I saw Potential!

                       It so fits this vintage style thing I have going on now... Love the color and the fit!
Dress- Thrifted
Shoes- Wild Rose (can you beleive it) via Shoe Dept.
                                 I LOVE THESE EARRINGS!!! They kinda Noisy though...
                                                             I feel sooo FLIRTY!!!
                                         80's look complete...Had to add the Glasses....
                                                                          Shoe Close up....
1) I saw these wedges
2) I tried them on
3) They fit!!
4) PRAISE HIM!!! lol

I asked my Mama what Era this dress was from 70's or 80's, she said that it was the late 70's early 80's....I felt like a back up dancer from the Tina Turner movie!!! "Nah you bend over let me see ya shake a tail-feather..."  Did I pull it off? I can't wait to rock this dress out!

Continue to have a great week! and a Great Weekend!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

2 in 1: Earring Haul and Thirft and Greet!!! (Pic Heavy)

Happy Tuesday!!! Hi, my name is Louise and I am addicted to ALL THINGS GOLD!!! A few weeks ago A friend of a friend of a friend that worked with my sister forwarded her a new online jewelry website Persnickety Boutique to check out. My sister forwarded the information to me and I was in a trance for a while! I fell in love with a lot of the items on the site see below...

Cute Huh!! AND  they are affordable!! I soooooo placed my order as soon as I got home!! PLEASE go check them out!!  I support small businesses!!
These are one of the pairs that I bought....

Please excuse the hair!! I had just got finished with my hair! What do you think?
 I also picked these and the next two pairs up @ a local boutique! I love HUGE earrings and short hair!

 Today I met with Timeka from Plus Size Southern Lady  for a day of drinks and thrifting!! We had fun but we always do....

                             I was so sad that this dress didn't fit! In my head, I was already wearing it!!

I hope you guys had a great 3 day weekend!!! I've been tagged a few more times and will be answering the questions soon....

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

Thrifty Thursday: THRIFT FLIP Flip this Dress edition!

So... YALL should've seen the look on my sister's face when I brought this dress home!! lol I was extra excited as I always am, and then she hit me with the WTH Stank face! You know the O_o. But looks like these motivate me! At the time I hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to do with the dress... But with thrifting you can't look at the items for face value! I always try to see what I can make it into!


(Lost Focus)
  So I brought the pinkish color in the dress to the forefront by adding the pink tights...
I just started sewing so I haven't  altered the dress yet but I pinned it on the sides to make it shorter...
   Added my Accessories ( belt, necklace, earrings and shoes)
                Converted this dress into successful THRIFT FLIP!!!<--- Just made this term up!  lol

Dress Thrifted
SweaterTights: JC Penny
Belt: Ashley Stewart
Necklace- Thrifted

    I think it's cute! What do you think? Are there any items that you would/have thrift flip (ped)?

Have a great weekend!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise

OOTD: Pink, Leporard, and Sequin.... Match made in Blog Heaven

Animal Print + Sequin+ Color= 1 very stylish DAY!!! As you know I brought the New Year in with some of my close family and friends! We did a Chicken and Waffle House party laced with Sangria's and Karaoke! HA! I figured just because I wasn't headed out anywhere did'nt mean I couldnt Sparkle! I got this top thrifting of course! It's was a great buy ($5.00), added jeans from F21 and My Leps from Torrid! Check me out below...

I went with a Berry lip color

                                                                  Jeans: F21
                                                                Top: Thrifted
                                                                 Shoes: Torrid

            My "Playa's eff up too pose" My face was NOT ready But my body was! *SHRUG*

My Tripod has me exploring the backyard more! I see fun poses in my future! lol Continue to create your great week! It is what you make!

SN: Today is my BFF's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOVE YOU!

SN2: Roll Tide!! BCS CHAMPS!
Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise