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Thrifty Thursday OOTD: 12/8/2011 The Simple Dress...

Happy Thursday!!! I'm always ready for the weekend!! I was browsing through GoodWill and I saw this dress! Five dollar buy and it was plain but, my mind flooded with ideas! Plus, my gut told me that it would fit cute due to the material and... I think I was right! Tune in for my next post and I'll tell you a secret about it... hehehe! 

I was a bit indecisive so I paired the dress with 3 different jackets... Can you guess which one I chose???? =D Check it out and let me know what you think!

Dress Thrifted
Jacket- Wet Seal
Tights- Avenue
Shoes- MIA Via DSW

Jacket- Thrifted
Shoes- Torrid
Imagine that the shoes are black... I didnt feel like changing again! =/ lol
Sweater- Thrifted

And the WINNER is... (insert drumroll here)

What would your selection have been?

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 


Style4Curves said...

Mine would have been the striped jacket with the blue that's how I wore a blue dress of mine before but all of the looks are cute!

Jae LeVern said...

I would habe chosen the black and white. I actually was just thinkinh of pairing black and white with blue. Your choice is pretty!

Sable from ItsSoPretty said...

I agree with the other ladies. I would have picked the striped one. I just love stripes. But I also LOVE animal print, so I am kinda torn. I did just post on another bloggers site that wore a blk and white striped shirt and blk everything else. Just was missing a pop of color and I suggested red or blue. So I will have to try this out myself. Thanks for the post!

cheapfabmom said...

My choice would have been the stripes.. Stripes are my thing lately.. I'm a sucker for animal prints too. I actually like all three looks. Thanks for stopping pass my blog amd for the great comment! Seems we have alot in common. I'll be visiting yours again.

E. Louise said...

So the stripes win hands down!! and that was my last choice but onlybecause it's whats expected! Thanks for your comments chica's!!

Just Daisy said...

That blue dress is an amazing staple item, I love it paired with the white and black striped cardigan.

your sweater collection is fierce :)

your new follower

told you I would be coming over to give you a hi-5!

Justine said...

I would have picked the animal print too! You look fabulous!

What an awesome find for $5!?!?!

- Justine

Unknown said...

Hey home girl!!! I like the black n white striped cardigan with it. Those colors just go so well to me!

Overall, your selections are cute! And I love the dress, and I can't wait for the secret.

oomph. said...

i was right! i would have chosen the animal print, because everything looks better with leopard! but the b/w sripes was a close second.

thanks for stopping by! returning the follow :)

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Sing of Singature Style said...

I like the leopard with it.

Nekiah Torres said...

I love it with the black and white stripes best! CUTE! Kiah

demetria said...

Hey bestie! I love color so I would have chosen the yellow and black Cardigan. All 3 looks are Different! I love the way you think outside the box.

Love you!

Fashion Pad said...

I think you made the perfect selection. I love that jacket against the vibrant hue of your dress. So cute!

cheetah print dress said...

I would habe chosen the black and white!