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Curves Not included: Slip on Your Red Dress OOTN: 4/28/2012

End of the weekend greetings to you! I hope your weekend went well! Mine was pretty relaxing!! Thank the Lord!! I did mange to step out of the house to and Old School Party Saturday night! New Edition is on tour and they will be here in the Magic city next month. The spot we went to last night was a warm up and featured New Edition songs. The bartender was a SUPER friendly guy so the girls and I had a really good time!

I chose this red dress in honor of Johnny Gill! lol and because I love ruching. It successfully hides all "Perfections"!!! This number will be avail for purchase from Shapely Louise Boutique very soon!!!! Check out the pics below and let me know what you think!

Dress- Shapely Louise (Avail Soon)
Earrings- Simply Fashions

Homemade blue lipstick- all you need is blue eyeshadow and lip gloss


Have a super week!!!

Thanks for stopping by...

E. Louise

Feel Like a Woman Thrifty Thursday: Spotlight Style by E. LOUISE


So y'all know I'ma stylist too right! lol I got this dress thrifting in New Orleans, and all I knew was that I wanted to chop the sleeves off and add a really bright color. My sister likes to play dress up sometimes, but when she doesn't, I get sad.  =( (yes I'm that spoiled lil sis) I was hesitant about asking her to try this one on. I asked and even with the "that UGLY dress look" she gave in!!! YAY!! It didn't take long for her to begin prancing around the house!! SHE SAW MY VISION!!!

The splash of color ended up being a pencil thin bright yellow belt from Wet Seal, I chopped those sleeves, and added heels from DSW!!! WINNING!!!!!!!!!! lol Check out the pictures below...

The Camera LOVEs her and her ShapEly-ness

MAKE UP and Styling By E. Louise (Style alter ego)

I forgot to take a before picture, but this will do... wasn't bad with the sleeves either.

I hope you enjoyed this week's pick! Have a great weekend!! =)

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 

"Let Me Explain..." OOTN: Rose Colored Ruched

Good Morning Beauts!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a all play NO work filled one myself! It was centered around Kevin Hart!! Of course I went to see "Think like a Man" and his comedy tour stopped through the city so I was all involved!

I go some more items in for my boutique so of Course I had to review another dress right!?! LOL I chose the Rose colored,  one shoulder, curve appreciative ruched dress!  Soon to be avail. I'm getting my site together now!!! I'll def keep you all posted. (like my Facebook page for other sneak peaks ) 

Dress - Shapely Louise Boutique (Coming Soon)
Shoes- Torrid
Clutch, Earrings - Thrifted
Neck Candy- Accessory City

Still Working on my side profile appearance...

BFF's Select Choice.... I LOVED it!!!


Have a Great week!!

SN: If you say the movie, what are your thoughts?

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 

Thirfty Thursday: OOTD 4/19/2012

Good Morning Beauties!!! I hope your week went well! I'm so GLAD that today is my Friday!!!

Anywho, Welcome to Thrifty Thursday! I got this skirt thrifting in New Orleans a few weeks ago. It was $2.00 and the color Screamed at me! I wasn't sure what shirt/color I wanted to put with it but, after I bought these polka dot wedges... IT CAME TO ME! LOL I had this black zipper back shirt for forever and I thought it would be perfect. Check me out below...

Skirt- Thrifted
Shirt- Citi Trends (2 years ago)
Belt- Ashley Stewart
Wedges- Shoe Show (ATL)

These Earrings were hand made... I can't think of her information. I'll have to find her card so that yall can check her out!!!

Have a great weekend!! Mine will be filled with KEVIN HART! Think like a Man Friday, Going to see him live Saturday! Mood: Excited!

E. Louise 

2-4-1 Post: Apparel Mart OOTD: 4/14/2012;Mansion Elam OOTN 4/14

Greetings World!!

It's Tuesday and I'm still tired from the weekend. I told y'all I was going to the Apparel Mart/Market in search of some boutique vendors. I went, saw, but didn't quite conquer like I thought I would. I was DISAPPOINTED, because most of the vendors said no to carrying plus sizes =(. But it's ok, nobody said it would be easy so, I'll search high and low! *BrightSide*

Foolery: I was walking down Peachtree and one of the homeless men that we passed, thought it would be a good idea to say " HEEEYYYY Big Gul... Big gul... Hey Big gul" *Blankstare* Bust my bubble cause I felt slim Saturday! LMBO The only thing I was thinking, Well at least  I made a homeless man smile!!!!

Anyway My OOTD was all new! No Thrifted finds with this one...
Floral Print Dress - Rainbow
Blue jean Jacket- Ashley Stewart
Sandals- Shoe Show


ORIGINALLY we were supposed to head to Reign nightclub  to go out, then we found out it was Techno night and since that's really not my thing..After much riding and contemplating we headed to Mansion Elam... Had never been before and honestly it's hit or miss in ATL. This one should've been missed!! Really wasn't my crowd but the drinks was GOOD!

Below is my outfit choice...

Blue Jean vest- Staple Piece
Skirt/Dress Citi Trends
Shoes- Torrid

make up Choice...

Bff and I are Ready!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great work week!

E. Louise