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Thrifty Thursday: With Pain comes strength

Good Morning!!! Happy Thrifty Thursday!! 

I'm so glad I can see things for what they can be vs. what they are presently! Similar to how God views us! This dress was thrifted from a local thrift shop,Jimmie Hale Mission. I loved the print and the colors! I figured with a few touch ups, I'd be able to pull it off! I removed a sleeve, and was going to make it shorter... But I liked it long too!

I originally had planned to pair it with a gold chain belt and some cognac booties that I have! Well, I have no idea where the belt is at this time! So, this was option two! But I KNOW that Brown would have really set it off!! *Sigh* 



In conjunction with seeing Beyonce' we were celebrating, Natarra's Birthday! She got her 1st Tattoo... "With Pain comes Strength" We're all a little stronger wouldn't you say!

Happy Thursday! 


Love ya! 

E. Louise

OOTN: Werking at the Car wash...On the Run tour... NOLA

Let me just say that this concert was the most entertaining concert that I have EVER been too! I mean, I've seen Beyonce' and I've seen Jay-Z, but together... Man, I think it's just a testament to the power of marriage! If' it's coming to a city near you, GET THOSE tickets, you will not be disappointed. 

OOTN: DIY-Destroyed Denim, DIY- Lace Crop Top, Leopard print wedges- GoJane Sz-11

I challenged myself this weekend, and can appreciate my growth in style. There is always an extra feeling of power when you create it yourself. In browsing through different pictures, I was inspired when I saw some "car wash" destroyed jeans, a light bulb went off and I had to try that look. The first pair didn't fit right! Why didn't I try the jeans on before I did all the work, I do not know! (Give- away coming soon) 4 pairs of thrifted jeans later... We have a winner!

I knew I wanted a clean look because my jeans are the focal point. I always visioned a white top, but  was so busy sewing for others, that I forgot to find a shirt for myself! I had some scrap fabric from a dress a few weeks back and sewed this top together using another shirt as an outline...  

The shoes was a treat from, the site is becoming my new addiction! So far I've bought about 4 pairs and they all fit really good!! They have a pretty decent selection of size 11's! 


I had a blast this weekend! Today is my Monday, so my head is back in the sand! Have a great work week! 


Love ya! 

E. Louise

Oriental feel.... Happy thrifty Thursday!!

Good Morning!! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!! I hope your week has been moving right along for you! 

Guess who's making time for the things that makes her really happy!! The constant struggle of an organized artist boiiii I tell ya! God Blesses order, so that will forever be the goal!

I love this dress, but the tag said 14... If you know me you know that has never stopped me before! I snatched it! It was a $3.00 buy from a local thrift shop here, the Foundry to be exact. It gave me an oriental feel...

Dress Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe Show 

I absolutely LOVE these booties and they were also on sale... $12.00! Yep, this entire look was less than $20.00!
I'm going on the run this weekend... With BEY and JAY! NOLA here we come!
Be on the look out for my DIY looks! I'm wearing nothing but creativity *Wink*


Luv E!

Mood: Neglectfull, But HAPPY Friday!!

Time Flies when you're having fun.... of living life! Happy Friday Guys!!

I have been so neglectful when it come to blogging! So many great things and opportunities have been coming my way in this season. I'm trying to remain balanced, and that means I don't have time for everything!

I did want to stop in today tho. This skirt is sooooo Blog worthy! I got a few quick pics in this morning before work! of Course its THRIFTED! So is the belt and the DIY blue jean vest. Shoes are from Rainbow, and was a $7.00 find!

Hopefully you'll following me on Facebook, InstaGram, and Twitter!! Handle: @ShapleyLouise, I'm much better at keeping those updated!

I hope Life has been treating you good!! Have a great Weekend!!

E. Louise