Monday, June 13, 2011

Having the AdVINTage...

Greetings Yall!!!
To know me, you know I like to be different! If I see someone else wearing something that I have, more than likely, It will go to storage or WAY in the back of the closet! LOL Silly I know, and trust me I understand that they didn't stop making the clothes when they made mine but still...#ican't.

One time I bought a green polka dot shirt with a thick white belt that went with it, wore it out and I'll be da*ned if 3 other girls didn't have on the same thing!!!! From then on I began shopping in the winter for summer things and vice versa! Haven't had that issue again over the last 7 years! The begining of this year I began browsing thrift stores and consignment shoppes and ended up LUVin it!!! I find myself on a continuous hunt for vintage items that I can "Modernize." I call it having the "AdVINTage"!! This is another way that I insure that I am dressed like no one else!

Take a look at pictures of some things that I grabbed up so far. Not to mention that they all fit in my budget! Check it out and let me know what you think!


E. Louise

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