Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Whateva I say yall gotta do..." Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! =)

Happy Hump day!!! Today is my 27th Birthday and I wanted to share my first "late 20's" look with you! lol First let me say WOW!! God is GOOD!! I look forward to what he has in store for me and my future! "Oh taste and see that the lord is Good...good to me"  It's funny because at 25 I was looking for this great life plan to fall out of the sky and hit me in my forehead! That's the year that I lost my Father so instead of the epiphany, my heart and spirit was full of grief. The equation for that year is as follows... grief x faith= GROWTH!!!  <---Message!! 
God revealed a lot at the age of 26! I uncovered some of my hearts desires, and he is allowing me to walk the path of his promises. I appreciate that because the feeling of being lost in this big ole world is no fun! =(  I feel like I have a sense of direction and at the age of 27 I will be kicking it up a notch!!! This is only the beginning, buckle up, follow me, and witness the journey to the destination. Mood: EXCITED!

OOTD: Pretty in pink! I wanted to be super girly today! I'm going to see Kirk Franklin tonight and I wanted a Smiley face T- shirt! LOL I know, I have my lame moments but whatever... Playa's eff up too! LOL Instead I saw this Pink and white Dalmatian print crop top and I fell in love! I paired it with dark denim wash jeggings and my fav fall/winter 2011 boots!!! Whallah Magic! I feel cute!

Oh and these glasses though... Floral Print Rim (Claire's) This one is for you ZAG!!!

Necklace Charlotte Rouse
                       My facial expressions were not my friend today. But this body pose is aight!
I have a blue purse like this that I swear goes with EVERYthing!!! lol
Earrings: GIFTED 1st B'day gift this year! Thanks JT

I hope you guys will lift a glass in the celebration of E. Louise! As always, let me know what you think!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise 


Style4Curves said...

I LOVEEEEEE this look!!! Loving those jeggings!! #teamgirlswithhips lolllll Happy Birthday and I must say at 28 I definitely don't feel lost in this world anymore I am preparing for my 30s..hoping to start my own business before then and a host of other projects.

Miss Dre said...

This look is so fab! I absolutely adore the top, the glasses, and the bag.

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you continue to enjoy your special day! =)

7eventh Letter said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!! Birthdays are such a blessing. I hope you enjoy! I love your glasses! I need them in my life. You look so cute!!!

7eventh Letter


Girl you are wearing them jeans! I am scared of them specs..."oh you fancy, huh"!! LOL Kiah

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love this worked it!

New follower!


E. Louise said...

Thank you all for the B'day wishes!!! It was a GREAT day!!!



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