Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirfty Thursday: I miss yall!!!

Has it really been a month!!! OMG!!! I really miss blogging! I swear I'll do better! The last time I was here, I was getting ready for my launch party! Long Story short... it went great! I had a great turn out and even the club owner said that it was! We had a good time! I'll talk more about it in the next post! I keep up with Thrifty Thursday on FB, Twitter and InstaGram @ShapelyLouise (Follow me). Plus, the ie needs to be updated @ work and I can't  add pictures to the blog anymore! What a CONSPIRACY!!!

Anywho, I've been booked for my first fashion show and this past weekend was practice. I stepped in to take a look at the models and to get a feel for the atmosphere! I was so excited Sunday night I barely got any sleep!!!! So many looks and ideas! =D Go GOD gooooo!!!! I thrifted these pants and they are so comfortable! Added one of my favorite thrifted shirts and you have retro chic!!! I FELT TOOOO CUTE! *Can't touch this*

Pants, Top- Thrifted
Belt- Rainbow
Shoes- Payless

This Necklace was everything to me!!! And it was $3 from It's Fashions! 

I will carve out more time to devote to my blog! Have a great Weekend!!!

E. Louise 


ari said...

I'm sleeping on Payless. This outfit is cute.. love the colors!

7eventh Letter said...

Welcome Back Doll!!!! I love this look!!! The colors and patterns play nicely together.

7eventh Letter

Falala Mele said...


Wonderful finds you lucky lady.

Mele from Australia

Lace N Leopard said...

Cute! I just posted a thrift outfit today...I swear I will forever love the thrift :)


Ticka said...

Welcome back!! I LOVE those pants!! Too cute!! I'm glad that your launch party went well!

Good luck in the fashion show!


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