Friday, September 28, 2012

Orange Hot...OOTN

Happy Friday!!!
You know orange fire is hotter than Red right! HAHA! (you know I had to google to make sure I remembered correctly!) If you guys are following me on Facebook, you know that I am ABSOlutely IN Love with K-Mart Fashions! Cute, affordable clothing, and it's always a sale going on over there!

Last weekend, I went to a comedy Show and for drinks afterwards! My choice was a bright orange dress from the   line at K-Mart. It fit like a 10 and was only $8! Hand clap for the deal! I snapped a few pictures, this is a large!

Stop Sleeping on K-Mart! I might slide through there today!

Have a great weekend!

E. Louise


cherry vidal said...

wow all i can say is YES! you killed it! xoxo

Ticka said...

Very nice!! No one would EVER know that it was from K-Mart... but I'm glad you shared your secret with us!! **makes plans to head to K-Mart** =D


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