Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: 2.5.15

Man I'm on Cloud nine... Two posts in one week! HAHA! So I visited with my older sister this weekend and she took the time point out that I haven't been consistent with my Thrifty Thursday posts. So this one is for you 'Laine! 
I went to a new thrift spot yesterday. Went in on a whim and I LIVED!! Had to cut back on my thrifting lately due to #BUDGETCUTS LMBO and plus since thrifting is the newest craze, the prices are going up! *rolls eyes* I saw this Jacket and said hmmmm... It's textured, it's reversible, it's colored, it's oversized, it's PERFECT! 

Went with the black side and rolled the blue side up...
Dress was thrifted by way of ING/ Boots came from Simply Fashions

2.99 with 50% off! #Score

 Happy upcoming weekend!

E. Louise

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