Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creative Mechanism

I went thrifting with one of my good Judy's last week and I saw what looked to be a mechanic's jumpsuit (Car, air, etc) and I decided to try it on. I was on a $10.00 or less budget and the suit was 9.99 so I was going to leave it. Lucky for me, my friend saw my vision, took pity on me, and bought it for me! (Did I mention I have great, wonderful, loving, supportive friends)


I made the legs shorter, to give it the capri or culottes feel

added a belt along with other accessories! I consider my Hips and accessory! LOL

You have to be creative! So be sure to think outside the box!

Have a great week!

E. Louise

1 comment:

Tarra B said...

My gorgeous friend, love you always!!! I'm obviously bias, but I think it's legit.


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