Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Bigger the Better... CLUTCH

Happy MONDAY...

I'm working at Joann Fabric and crafts part-time so I get 1st dibs on the remnants or leftover fabric. So, I'm digging through the bins and what did I find?!?! A Gem! More Leopard Print Faux Fur!

Faux fur or fur will forever be a trend during the winter season and instead of making the typical vest or jacket, I decided I wanted a clutch bag...Like a Bigger than life, leopard print, faux fur, Clutch bag!

It ended up being about a 30 min project. Using Velcro instead of a zipper, would've cut that time in half!

Jordache Jean Jacket/Dress/Belt : Thrifted
Shoes: Citi-Trends 

I thrifted this dress last year and #Thriftflipped it to resemble a bodycon. I've really been crushing on velvet lately, partially because It's so forgiving! 

Wishing You a Great Week!

E. Louise

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