Transformation Tuesday: ThriftFlip Edition

Happy Tuesday!

I have been itching to post another Thrift- Flip, because I think recreating and creating are the two aspects that I enjoy the most! I'm a lot more thrift conscious these days, meaning I'm only looking for classic - potentially classic pieces to buy. There was a time when I just purchased everything that I liked! Now, I'm only focusing on the things that I love!

Olive is the new black... well not really but I'm totally feeling the color against my skin tone! I'm exploring the green family tree. The vintage neckline I absolutely love, but I wasn't so into the length. I felt like it fells within the gray (in between area), not long enough/not short enough. 

Originally, I was going to use the fabric cut from the bottom to achieve this look. BUUTTTT after about 3 hours of cutting and sewing, I quit! LOL It just wasn't enough material to finish the pleated look. I then went through my scrap fabric pile and decided to REALLLLY remixed it ! I took a risk!

Dress- Kasper /Vintage/ Thrifted

Looking forward to doing this again! 

E. Louise 


Anonymous said...

Love it! And your hair is beautiful

@thecurvypioneer said...

I love this !!!!!