Black Gurl, BIG Lips!!

Black Gurl, BIG lips!
Sausage Lips, Soup coolers, Duck Mouf (Mouth, again just depends on where you are in the country) all insults usually used to describe someone with full lips. Not sure if it’s society or whatever but growing up dark skinned with BIG lips seemed to carry a negative connotation. I felt limited!!! However, I kept’em clean though!! LOL nice and greased because dark skinned with BIG chapped lips would be whole nother issue! For years VASELINE was my friend! Then I discovered Blistex, from Blistex to Carmex! But my lip chap addiction is a whole nother post! Point is, I only felt that I could wear clear or neutral colors on my lips, all because I wanted to draw the least amount of attention to this God given exaggerated feature.
It’s funny how instead of accepting the things you cannot change, your first reaction is usually to try and disguise/mask the “issue”. It was so bad that I tricked myself into thinking that color was not for me! I think I had begun to imagine myself with some neon orange lipstick or something....every time I would try a color, that was the image reflecting back at me! I know, I know, crazy right. As I always say…you are your worst critic (feature post alert), so even if I felt like my lips resembled those off the art work from the show Goodtimes, I’m positive now that it ain’t that bad! (Yes, I am aware that ain’t is not a word)
Now I must say, the guys added to the confidence change on this one too! I know it’s called self esteem but everyone likes to feel that they’re attractive to the opposite sex or same sex… whatever floats your boat. So the attention these LIPS got when I got a little older was cool. That’s when the sausage converted to luscious, Soup turned to nice, and Duck mouth became pretty! =) It wasn’t until I saw the cover Fantasia’s latest album did I want to venture off into the land of color! Yes it was that recent!!!
She had on PURPLE and I LOVED it! Hell her lips were as big if not bigger, than mine! I called my Mary Kay consultant and went for it; and to my surprise it was cute. WHO would’ve thunk it! Next  color on my list…RED Ha! On a roll and real ambitious but hmmm not so much! LOL Yeah that was a FAIL but I was determined to figure it out and here is what I came up with… the top lip is what SCARES people! I figure if I put the brighter color on the bottom and darker on the top it might work. And Whhaaalah! I figured out what works for me!! Check out the pics below and tell me what you think!
If you are generally a happy person, overtime you grow to appreciate the differences between you and the world! I’m in the process of doing, constantly figuring out what works for me! =)

E. Louise

***All Lipsticks used are Mary Kay***
*Lips are all Moistened

*Outline lips with Mocha Brown lip liner (optional)

Add Color (Rich Fig) used here on outter areas

Add lighter color (Sheer Blush) on inner areas of the lips

***Purple Kisses***

Here is the Red!!! *Same rules apply*


ShapEly's biggest fan!! said...

Love it!!!!

E. Louise said...

Thanks B!!!

Ejones said...

Great post once again! I am now inspired to find the lip color that works for me! I am learning so much from you "fashionista"lol. Keep em coming E!! And oh yeah I love the purple!

E. Louise said...

YES!!! Mission Accomplished!!! Yay! Let me know how it turs out for you!

Sunnshyne said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. Great post and tips!!! BTW that purple kiss is so so sexy on it!!!!

E. Louise said...

Thank you Sunnshyne! #inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. E I love your commentary on big juicy lips...keep'em coming. You are very good and witty too. luv you tee

Imade said...

Rock it out maybe you should do a blog on fingernail polish for darkskin girls cuz I love color but I'm always afraid that I'll look like Whoopi Golberg on Ghost (when she had on that red paint) but way to keep conquering your fear.

Anonymous said...

Damn, your lips are amazing, I want to get lost in them! Coming from a white male, I find them so hot and attractive.