Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's FRO time!!! (TWA length Check)

My Fro is REALLY growing on me!!! Like for real for real... Check out my growth during the last couple of months! I think I'll maybe do another month of protective styling and then go ahead and add my color! My sister The Lazy Natural, told me that once I color my hair, keeping it conditioned is a MUST so... I'll wait until I want to dedicate the time to it! As of now, WEAVE it is!!

3 months ago 

2 weeks ago

Really feeling my curl pattern

I look JUST like my Mama on this one!!
Thanks for Cheking in with me, continue to have a great week!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


Freshly Fatshionable said...

Lovely...i have been thinking of cutting my hair so i can grow it out naturally, but i'm so scared! maybe seeing more i=of your journey will inspire me.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Love your TWA! It is definitely growing! That's one thing I love about being natural. your hair grows so quickly!

E. Louise said...

@ Freshly, I started from a short cut (mohawk) so all I really needed to do was stop perming!

@ high Heels! Yes Ma'am! I can't wait to put this streak in it! lol If I don't like it I'll just weave it back up!

Style4Curves said...

I was natural my whole life until college I love natural hair but I am tenderheaded as HELL and long natural hair + tender head is torture especially when tryign to get it pressed or after it gets washed..I love ur fro tho!!

Carsedra said...

You look great!! Yaaay for natural hair!!! LOL

I have natural hair and unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to grow anymore. I get a trim if needed and I get it pressed out sometimes mostly when I know I need a trim, but other than that I just wear it curly but it doesn't want to grow. It had grown out just below my ears about some months ago, it was growing pretty fast, then I decided to cut it (being my indecisive self) and now I think I want to grow it out and haven't cut it but it's not growing AT ALL!!

Carsedra of:

cheapfabmom said...

Hey.. Your TWA is looking good! Isn't it so much freedom in it, although it is hard work keeping it conditioned especially when coloring. My natural twa is super thick and extra kinky coily. I colored it, and now I have to deep condition atleast once a week. Everyone tells me it looks so good, but I'm getting sick of looking the same. I'm ready to try a weave myself!!! Lol... Btw, Happy New Year!

Jenn said...

Your sister is so right. You must condition when you color. I experienced like a year and a half of set back after color.

I'm back on track now and I love it!

E. Louise said...

Yeah! But I only want a patch of color... *shrug* I'll get it together! lol

CocoagirlD said...

Im a New Subbie, thanks to my girl Ms Dre from So She Writes.. and i must say im loving your fro.. I love it..Really shows your beautiful facial features best wishes on your hair journey.


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