Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OOTN: Leopard Blue Jean Mix

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Supercharged for the week! Mine was ok, but I always hate to see Sunday leave...Saturday a Co-worker had a gathering at some unfamiliar place on the unfamiliar side of town. I was unsure how that atmosphere would be so I wanted to be cute but comfortable. I love tights and these leopards allow me to be comfortable but fashionable at the same time....

I got this blue jean corset top from Torrid almost a year ago but never had the chance to wear it...Ordinarily I would have worn red shoes but again I wanted to be comfortable. Didn't know if I would be standing or what not.
Corset- Torrid

 I did however break out my staple piece red leather waist jacket though...OKOKOK it's not real leather got this number from Simply Fashions last year for under $10.00!!
 My Earrings were a HIT! =)
One Day, this side profile will be perfect (in my eyes)

                             I will soon do a post on how versatile these pants are...I LOVE them!!!

The place was cool! It was what we call "The hole in wall..."  But I had a decent time! Even ran into my buddy Lesia! Her fashion sense is sick and twisted too! She Should totally Blog!!

Lesia and I

Thanks for reading!! Continue to have a great week!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


That's My Mama said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the shoes!

Ticka said...

Those earrings are everything! Very cute!
I'm working on my side view as well. Lets get it!!


~Style Bot~ said...

You can never go wrong with leopard, right? I have been trying to find a cute pair of leopard leggings. So far I've only found footed tights. Your's look great.

With Class & Sass,

Freshly Fatshionable said...

cute jacket...and very nice corset. i can see why those earrings were a hit.

Ashley said...

Yassss! I love the outfit. I need some leggings like this & the earrings are a great statement piece!

Just Daisy said...

I love those earrings! You look beauty :)



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