2-4-1 Post: Apparel Mart OOTD: 4/14/2012;Mansion Elam OOTN 4/14

Greetings World!!

It's Tuesday and I'm still tired from the weekend. I told y'all I was going to the Apparel Mart/Market in search of some boutique vendors. I went, saw, but didn't quite conquer like I thought I would. I was DISAPPOINTED, because most of the vendors said no to carrying plus sizes =(. But it's ok, nobody said it would be easy so, I'll search high and low! *BrightSide*

Foolery: I was walking down Peachtree and one of the homeless men that we passed, thought it would be a good idea to say " HEEEYYYY Big Gul... Big gul... Hey Big gul" *Blankstare* Bust my bubble cause I felt slim Saturday! LMBO The only thing I was thinking, Well at least  I made a homeless man smile!!!!

Anyway My OOTD was all new! No Thrifted finds with this one...
Floral Print Dress - Rainbow
Blue jean Jacket- Ashley Stewart
Sandals- Shoe Show


ORIGINALLY we were supposed to head to Reign nightclub  to go out, then we found out it was Techno night and since that's really not my thing..After much riding and contemplating we headed to Mansion Elam... Had never been before and honestly it's hit or miss in ATL. This one should've been missed!! Really wasn't my crowd but the drinks was GOOD!

Below is my outfit choice...

Blue Jean vest- Staple Piece
Skirt/Dress Citi Trends
Shoes- Torrid

make up Choice...

Bff and I are Ready!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great work week!

E. Louise


Maisha said...

Cute and Casual..Love the dress!

Style4Curves said...

I love both outfits I can't decide which one is my fave because both are uberfab!!! And don't you hate when people think you want to be called big girl ughhhh so freakin RUDE!!!!!!

P.S. How tall are you?....either u have a lot of short friends or you are really tall!!! :) I wish I was tall lolllllll

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

Both outfits are cute but girrrrlllll...you are working that second one! Super sexy!


Fashion~Junkie said...


FabLady81 said...

Love it!!!! You look FAB!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look FABULOUS! Where'd you get the blue shoes?


The chic and cheap said...

very beautiful blog.

would you like to follow each other? let me know.


The chic and cheap blog

LA Lynn's said...

Hmmm... I guess I totally missed that u reside in the ATL!!!! *My City* ;))

U ladies look lovely & I've never been to the apparel mart but I keep hearing about it I guess I will venture there soon enough!

LaTasha Nicole said...

Louuuiiiise! Great minds think alike lol.. I just purchased that same floral dress and another one like it from rainbow a few weeks ago! Love the way you rocked it :)


LaTasha Nicole said...

Oh yea.. hopefully one day... we can all get together for a massive outside sale on ONLY plus size clothing!! I hate that feeling when they tell you NO.. makes me wanna say a few thangs lol

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

You are DOING it with that floral dress

LMAO @ "Bust my bubble cause i felt slim today" #DEAD girl that happened to me the other day!

I like the strpied skirt too. You are too fly

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