Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: It fits a lil Snug...

Good Morning! Guess Who got a make overrrrrrr!!!!!! =)
 Happy Thrifty Thursday! My first Thrifty posted to the blog this year! I do keep up, but  on FB, Twitter and My new Fav...Instagram! Find me anywhere under Shapely Louise!
So I know Alabama winters are a big joke to some, but we still get cold! I saw this dress @ Goodwill and I fell in love with the front! The material is stretchy so, it def had curve appeal! Of course I had to try it on, and now it's in my closet! 
Dress- Thrifted

I'll own the hallways in this one... Well at least that how I feel!

Boots- Simply Fashions

Bracelet- Ashley Stewart
Necklace- Thrifted

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Weekend!
E. Louise 


Style4Curves said...

very cute and honey that hair is sitting!

FabLady81 said...

I love it girl!!! Owwwwww

Lace N Leopard said...

Love it! Love the necklace too..cute!

MissAshDG said...

cuuuuute! Where do you go thrifting?

Hergielicious said...

Beautiful dress!

Chantelovesbeauty said...

That was a GREAT find I need to thrift where you thrift girl lol

xo Chante' Xo

Black Butterfly said...

You always look like you have so much fun in your posts haha! Love the dress!


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