Because Bey wears Gray...

SO I know yall caught ALL that GREATNESS that Beyonce' threw us on Saturday! I watched Lemonade about 3 times! I mean, I don't consider myself a apart of the Bey-hive but I may need an induction ceremony now!

Well, on this one particular song, "Don't Hurt Yourself" she had on a two piece gray outfit and a fiyahhh fur coat. I'm in Alabama and so the fur coat was out, but the gray was a MUST!

Top: DIY
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe Show
Earrings: Luxe Baby

I thrifted this skirt a few weeks ago and made the top from some scrap fabric I had laying around.

 If you haven't seen her visual Album, what are you waiting on? No seriously, you can't be an artist and not be inspired by the FREEDOM that she exhibits in this film! Much respect and admiration!


E. Louise

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