The most rewarding $12 ever spent

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I went home to spend some time with my Mom one day and it happened to be on a Wednesday. Senior Citizen Day at Roses (the discount store). So guess who had to take her... ME! But, for real I love Roses so I asked her not to leave me! LOL

I  usually find some cute and reasonably priced graphic tees or pencil skirts in the clothing section.  But on this day I found the best $12 investment EVER!

This solidifies my you try it on rule. You can't be turned off by size. As this is a xl. But the fabric is soooo forgiving. I just want to wear it over and over.

Jumper: Roses Discount Store
Shoes: Shoe Show

Hope you all have a great weekend!

E. Louise


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Jasmine Raheem said...
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Unknown said...

Love it! Wish you had gotten 2!

Unknown said...

Love it! Wish you had gotten 2!

Anonymous said...

Scuse my French but f*** me u have a sexy booty. DAMN lady!! That thing looks GOODDDDDD. Like nothing Iv ever seen before. U look amazing in this jumpsuit. FINE AS WINE. What a body u look absolutely gorgeous. Ok im gonna sit in a corner and calm down now lol u got me all riled up!! so beautiful. x x x x ;)