Bodycon Chronicles Feat. GITIonline

The infamous bodycon... a blessing and a curse! Blessing - it's ten times more fashionable than the flowered moo-moo stores had been forcing down our throats for years. Curse -most times they're too tight, too short, and we have to put on too much underneath (Spanx).

For me, it's all about finding the perfect formula. That's a mixture of fabric, design and length. When given the opportunity by  Gitionline to review an item from their site, this dress immediately grabbed my attention.  

My guess was that it would be pretty curve friendly and my guess wasn't wrong! It's the most forgiving, very comfortable, and the length is perfect! I was looking for something that would compliment my curves and Whoot there it is! (Corny I know) LOL

Shoes: Shoe Show

Have a great week!

E. Louise

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Salvation Kelly said...

That is fly!! I will have to check them out.