Friday, July 11, 2014

Mood: Neglectfull, But HAPPY Friday!!

Time Flies when you're having fun.... of living life! Happy Friday Guys!!

I have been so neglectful when it come to blogging! So many great things and opportunities have been coming my way in this season. I'm trying to remain balanced, and that means I don't have time for everything!

I did want to stop in today tho. This skirt is sooooo Blog worthy! I got a few quick pics in this morning before work! of Course its THRIFTED! So is the belt and the DIY blue jean vest. Shoes are from Rainbow, and was a $7.00 find!

Hopefully you'll following me on Facebook, InstaGram, and Twitter!! Handle: @ShapleyLouise, I'm much better at keeping those updated!

I hope Life has been treating you good!! Have a great Weekend!!

E. Louise

1 comment:

Ticka said...

Cute!! I really need to get my thrifting life together!


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