Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oriental feel.... Happy thrifty Thursday!!

Good Morning!! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!! I hope your week has been moving right along for you! 

Guess who's making time for the things that makes her really happy!! The constant struggle of an organized artist boiiii I tell ya! God Blesses order, so that will forever be the goal!

I love this dress, but the tag said 14... If you know me you know that has never stopped me before! I snatched it! It was a $3.00 buy from a local thrift shop here, the Foundry to be exact. It gave me an oriental feel...

Dress Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe Show 

I absolutely LOVE these booties and they were also on sale... $12.00! Yep, this entire look was less than $20.00!
I'm going on the run this weekend... With BEY and JAY! NOLA here we come!
Be on the look out for my DIY looks! I'm wearing nothing but creativity *Wink*


Luv E!

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