OOTN: Werking at the Car wash...On the Run tour... NOLA

Let me just say that this concert was the most entertaining concert that I have EVER been too! I mean, I've seen Beyonce' and I've seen Jay-Z, but together... Man, I think it's just a testament to the power of marriage! If' it's coming to a city near you, GET THOSE tickets, you will not be disappointed. 

OOTN: DIY-Destroyed Denim, DIY- Lace Crop Top, Leopard print wedges- GoJane Sz-11

I challenged myself this weekend, and can appreciate my growth in style. There is always an extra feeling of power when you create it yourself. In browsing through different pictures, I was inspired when I saw some "car wash" destroyed jeans, a light bulb went off and I had to try that look. The first pair didn't fit right! Why didn't I try the jeans on before I did all the work, I do not know! (Give- away coming soon) 4 pairs of thrifted jeans later... We have a winner!

I knew I wanted a clean look because my jeans are the focal point. I always visioned a white top, but  was so busy sewing for others, that I forgot to find a shirt for myself! I had some scrap fabric from a dress a few weeks back and sewed this top together using another shirt as an outline...  

The shoes was a treat from GoJane.com, the site is becoming my new addiction! So far I've bought about 4 pairs and they all fit really good!! They have a pretty decent selection of size 11's! 


I had a blast this weekend! Today is my Monday, so my head is back in the sand! Have a great work week! 


Love ya! 

E. Louise


Natarra B said...

Wonderful post!!! Looking for jeans now! Love ya chic

Gabrielle said...

Love this on you! How did you do the jeans?
I want to make a pair ASAP! LOL.