Sunday, October 9, 2011

" Let's go, let's go Little Kitty Kat, I think it's time to go..."


Well, it's the end of another Beautiful Weekend!!! Really enjoying this Fall weather and gearing up for old man Winter (the Alabama version) BLAH! I am so not a fan! Any who, I was able to catch up with some of my old time and brand new favorite bloggers and saw that there is an animal print challenge going on!!! Bloggers Do It Better is the name of the game and from the inspiring posts, I'm inclined to believe that this is true! I was thinking of blogging about all the animal prints that has been catching my eye (and ending up in my closet) , so this was the more than perfect chance to Hit em wit dat FLEX!!!! =) I got two looks going below sooooo.... as always check it out and let me know what you think!

I've worn this skirt before, but with a yellow sweater and white tank. But the more I blog, the more daring I get! Really feeling the Blue this time around!

 Skirt- Wet Seal
Shirt-Know Style Boutique
Boots- Shoe Carnival
Clutch- Ashley Stewart
Accessories- Thrifted, Rue 21, Citi Trends

Make up choice... Blue/green eyehadow, a bit of gold shimmer, topping it off with HAWT pink lips! Actually matches my earrings!

I LUV color!!! and really feel that Grey is the new BLACK! It goes with everything! 

Shirt- KG Fashions (5.00 buy)
Shoes- Maurice's
Accessories-Thrifted, Ashley Stewart, Wet Seal

Hope you enjoyed!

Keep Dreamin'

E. Louise


royharris_1 said...

love the pics, ur page, hell even your curves

Ms. JJJ said...

Get it Doc!!!! I really love that blue with the animal print!!!! The yellow...not so much (I guess bc of the pink within the print). But that gray and pink with dem shoes to top it off!! Boom!!

Mary and Dyer said...

omg love all of these looks! Your accessories are all amazing, love the purple denim & the yellow top!! Gorgeous!

I am a visitor from the BDIB challenge, and now your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like!

Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!



Girl yo curves be "POPPIN"!! I love how you dress to compliment your curves. You are very sexy yet lady-like. Very beautiful woman! Love those purple jeans girl! Kiah

The Notorious ZAG said...

YOU BETTER WEEEEEERRRRRRRKKKK!!! Yess!! I love it! Your shape is heavenly. NOW FOLLOWING!! The look with the blue sweater is my favorite. I'm obsessed with catprints too -__-

BrittanyAnne said...

You look super fab!!!! Loving the of my top 10 now- Brittany

CocoBunnii said...

I love that you find the best outfits for ur shape. Its very... i dunno you. I fits you, and fits you well. Dont change for anyone!

Oh and those pants are hot!! I dont have any colored jeans. This inspires me to step outside the box. Thanks

;) Coco


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