Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Thrifty Thursday" OOTD 10/20

HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! If you're ready for the weekend say #pOw!! LOL

So, I discovered a new thrift store this week...SMH it's called Mission: Possible and OMG I got lost on my lunch break... AGAIN!! Got some really cute stuff for the sum total of $10.00. Just so happened that they have weekly tag colors that equal a certain percentage off. Now I didn't know this until I got to the register, so when the cashier rung up the items I was super stoked!!! I was way under my budget !! With all this stuff I'm getting, I need more places to go!!! Anyhoo check out my finds for this week! I'm so excited!

Shirt- Thrifted

Tights- Miss Tina via Wally World

Boots- Simply Fashions

Belt- Ashley Stewart

Earrings- Boutique in N.O.L.A

I didnt accesorize much because of the busy print. The shirt is an accessory...

Wouldn't this be a BAAADDD off the shoulder shirt??? Can't wait until I get my sewing machine!! LOL #Beasting

Other Items this week: Yellow 4 button blazer (I can't turn the picture around for some reason)

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


MizzNikki said...

Hmm interesting...I like it. I must admit I'm not very good with putting outfits together. I looknat what everybody else is wearing and say wow that's cute. But when it comes to me I get lost!


Girl you look incredible! This is my favorite outfit so far! You are rocking this so hard! Your hair is to die for! YES DIVA...YES!! Kiah

E. Louise said...

Nikki!! You just go in any anything that catches your eye... BUY IT!! LOL

Hey Kiah!! Thank ya girl! *WERK on 3*

Candyce Nicole said...

Great blouse! Lookin' good, mama!!

Frugal Big Girl said...

LOVE that shirt, great find!! Love those boots too!

Style4Curves said...

Those boots gave me LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I am also loving the thrifted top I love thrifting!!!

A'jaƩ (Art) said...

Hi my fellow Thrifter!!!

It's so addictive isn't it? Oh btw I'm a friend of your Sis, Bernice! I'm glad she shared with me about your blog!

I LOVE IT!!! Vintage finds are my fave! I'll be checking in to see what you find! I blog about my OUTRAGEOUS thrift store hauls too! I mean I really should be on retriction, because I am a Thriftaholic! Lol

Sarah Grecco said...

I'm in love with those boots! They almost look mustard colored.

Found your blog through Shana at ColorBlind at Thrifters Anonymous. Glad I did!!!

Get Up & Go

Anonymous said...

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Avis Luong said...

Nikki!! You just go in any anything that catches your eye... BUY IT!! LOL Hey Kiah!! Thank ya girl! *WERK on 3*


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