Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!! 10/13 OOTD

What's going on?!?!

I'm trying to blog more and bring you at least 2 posts a week. I've noticed a correlation between blogging frequently and more followers. So, I'm kicking off a series titled THRIFTY THURSDAY! On Thursday's my posts will be dedicated to Thrift store bargains that I see and buy! This week I went on Wednesday and picked up some really cute stuff!!! The Salvation Army has 1/2 off Wednesday so I bought all these things for $14.00!!! Can I get a Whoop Whoop!  #BallinOnABudget <---I've been saying this for years, C. Breezy did not invent the phrase! Ha! Anyway, as always check out my OOTD for the series kick off and let me know what you think!

Blazer- Thrifted ($5.00)
Shirt- NY & Co
Pants- Thrifted ($5.00)

Purse- Gifted from Mom's Closet !
Necklace and Bracelet J.C. Penny
Earrings (Not Pictured)- Thrifted
Wrap Dress that will serve as a Motivation item (Size 14) But it's a really cute shirt for now!
I can't wait to rock these!! I tried a few different looks. Not sure which way I will go but you will soon find out!

Thanks for Stopping by....

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


SheDel said...

How about you give me those patterned pants and let me try some looks?!?!? LOL. I love this outfit as well. That top is balla' LOL


Girl you look the! I am really feeling those pants on you and you look stunning in that shade of pink with the hint of animal print underneath. You really know how to dress for your figure. Girl tell C. Breezy to kick bricks...stealing yo line!! lol Imma need that dress and those pants! I ain't playing! lol Kiah

E. Louise said...

HAHA!! Ok SheDel That's a deal!!!

@Kiah, I saw your pic on the plus size magazine last week!!! The dress is yours, after I wear it as a shirt!!! LMBO

Jessica Kane said...

Why can't I find a gorg pink blazerrrrrrrr!?!!! So jelly!

Xo jessica

E. Louise said...

Awww J! I'm sorry, I can look for you the next time I go! BTW- I'm now following!

7eventh Letter said...

Cute outfit and great finds! Isn't thrifting the BEST?

7eventh Letter

E. Louise said...

They sure are and We won't be looking like anybody else!!

Frugal Big Girl said...

I need to find a salvation army around here...1/2 off Wednesday, WHAT!? Those patterned pants are amazing!!!

Miss Dre said...

You look really cute! I love this look. So fab! Gahh I want that pink blazer too!

Style4Curves said...

Thanx for stopping by I'm a new follower lovinggggggggg that blazer!! Pink is my fave color and I never thought curvy girls could thrift pants!! You give me hope!! lolllllll Love ur shape too #teamcountrygirls :)


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