Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Thrifty Thursday" OOTD 10/27

DANG, this week has flown by!! Can you believe that it's Thrifty Thursday again?!?! I hope you look foward to this as much as I do!! This week was an exceptionally good week full of REALLY cute bargins!! It's supposed to get alot cooler here so I created a Thrifting crtieria to follow: 1) Color (not a fan of nudes, neutrals or black these days) 2) Warm 3) Shoulder pads 4) Vintage. Lucky for me the sweater I chose for this week has all of the above plus four GOLD buttons!!!! Thus making it a great addition to my wardrobe. Let's all give her a warm and cozy hand clap!! LOL As always check it out and let me know what you think!

I guess I'm really feeling this hand in the pocket pose... #SueMe
Sweater- Thrifted
Jeans- Random store in the mall that is now CLOSED =(
Shoes- Payless

Ear Necklace- Simply Pink Fashions <--- Check Pink out!!
Hair- Me I make wigs!!! =D
This Shot is blurry, I'm still learning this camera! Won't do right and actully read the directions! LOL
Other finds this week:
Purple embroidered blazer
Red, silver, and black sequin dolman top! Hot Freakin bargin alert!! .99 Cents!!! (This is so my NYE fit)

Thanks for stopping by! This weekend is a big weekend here! It's Magic City Classic (ASU vs. AAMU) and my next outfit posts should be EPIC!!! LOL If I don't see you before Sunday, Have a great weekend!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


The Notorious ZAG said...

DDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAMMMMN!!! .99 CENTS? I'm officially hating on you right now, lol. That is BAD! I love that blazer too. And the wig-piece is hot. You're just too much. I'm out of here!

E. Louise said...

Lmbo! Nah Zag, I can't be fooling with you! HAVE to brang my A game cause you too much! (inspiration for real) soo... What do thonk I should pair it with? Im thinking Red pencil skirt....

Frugal Big Girl said...

OK, I need to come to wear you thrift! 99 cents too, I'm jeeealous! LOVE that cardigan and the dolman top is HOT!

Style4Curves said...

LOVEEEEEEE this and I NEEDDDDD that dolman top thank u very much and the wig too!!! lollllllll


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