Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thrifty Thursday OOTD: Pokah Dots...

SO...I literally just got into the Christmas spirit and finished my shopping in a week!! HA! I'm usually on it but the past couple of years have been a period of adjustment. My family is missing one and honestly, I'm just not there yet! Time heals and so does GOD! Any who, you know I went to Memphis last weekend and when I tell you I racked up!!! Babbbbbbyyyy!!! This weeks Thrifty Thursday feature is the Polka Dot button down shirt! Ain't it CUTE?!?!? LOL I feel like red and blue play off one another as it did in my previous post  Bold and Beautiful   . Check it out and let me know what you think!

                                                             Wonder Woman Pose

Polka Dot Shirt- Thrifted
Jeans- F21
Wrap Belt- Know style

Some other thrifted finds from Memphis: 

So, did you notice that I have on different pants in the last picture?? HA! Got these thrifted and they are wayyy more comfortable then the F21 pants, so I wore those!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Keep Dreamin,

E. Louise


Justine said...

This look is super cute! Love it! The color combo is spot on. Cute pictures too!

- Justine

BrittanyAnne said...

Cute as always....I go to Memphis often and I feel in love with their thrift stores....I can't wait to go back in May. :D Have a happy holiday.

QueenDiva said...

HAHA... love the FIT... I have those pants too... what's hilarious... is they are just sitting in my closet because YES... they are uncomfortable. But... you my dear look amazing :)

E. Louise said...

Thanks ladies!! Brittany I will enter your giveaway this afternoon!!
Queen, I am relieved to know that it was not just me!!! *wipes sweat*

Style4Curves said...

okay I LOVE polka dots and I LOVE color and u have both on #WINNING!!!!! You can have my feet hun sometimes I think I look weird b/c my feet are really small!!! Ya'll have me scared about the F21pants...I was thinking of getting some...did u order a size up or regular size.....maybe I should just wait on them now since ya'll say they are uncomfy!! Great thrifted finds!!

fumz.x said...

Cute outfit and great finds, I especially love with the sequenced vest and top. Perfect for parties this time of year. x

Laurie said...

well arent you a cutie pie?! I love the top and I most definitely loveeee the shoes! Your haircut is soo adorable!

7eventh Letter said...

You scored BIG with your thrifting finds girl! I love the sequined items.

7eventh Letter
**There is STILL time to enter my Giveaway***

Timeka said...

Lets get it!!! Love both pairs of pants!! I have some similar ones like the second pair!

I'm hosting a giveaway, don't forget to enter.

Ticka said...

You know you are working this look. The blue pants are what set it off for me! LOVE it!!

ESHA said...

I love it cuz super cute!!!


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