Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Do you know what today is? It’s my Blog-a-Versary” A year in review….

***WARNING- This Post is All involved***

A look back:

One year ago today, I worried about rather my take on fashion would be accepted in the blogger world… 365 days, 160+ followers and 200 plus likes later, it has been! I did not realize that blogging would consume as much time as it has and I think that we all can agree it’s a 2nd JOB!!! 0.o But nothing much matters  when you’re doing something you love! I was late for work the other day because I needed to finish a blog post! LOL For the most part blogging comes first! ANNNNDDD The thrill is NOT gone! I’m just as excited to post new and different looks as I was last year! Ready to see what my blogger made friends will have to say!! The positive feedback is EVERYTHING to me!
The blogosphere is a place where I feel the most comfortable thinking outside the box!  I put looks on display and just as other bloggers inspire me, it turns out that I inspire others!!! WHO KNEW! People get me!
I’ve already spoke on thinking outside the box, but I feel like the biggest difference between now is my growth in confidence. I mean I would put circles, stripes, plaid and flowers together if I could find a way! Lol My fashion sense is really no longer about fashion but it’s a form of expression that varies from day to day! I learned the following about myself …I AM NOT SCARED! ßThis is something that I plan to take with me throughout life! Why because I’m confident enough to make it right even if it may be wrong… According to the stories my folks (family, depends on what part of the country you in) tell, I’ve always been like this!  I feel like I’m a step closer to my dreams and this is a practice run. 
I’m in a Celebratory mood so my look of the day is FUN… Check me out…..

Dress- Rue 21 (few years back)
Shirt- Rainbow                         
Shoes - ATL                            

                                  ♥♥♥THE GIVE AWAY!! ♥♥♥
I’m usually always in the giving mood sooooo…. Help me celebrate by entering my Blog-a-Versary give away!!! The Prize is *insert Drum roll* This BEAUTiful Hand bag

Bag Purchased from Accessory City!!!! Exclusive Only 2 were shipped to the store!

The Back

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The winner will be selected randomly and announced Tuesday  Feb 28th 2012! Good Luck!

CHEERS to more years to come! Happy Birthday Shapely Louise!!!

SN: Apparently I started this blog on my Dad's Birthday, he wouldve been 71 years young today. Today I will be celebrating his life as well...   
"Don't look so sad I know its over But life goes on and this world keeps on turning Let's just be glad we have this time to spend together... For the Good Times" ~AL Green ***Im in the Shades!!***

Keep Dreamin,
E. Louise


Ticka said...

Congratulations on your one year blogaversary!!! I must say that I love your blog. Gurl, you are fearless, and rightfully so!!

As we get to know each other through this blogging thing, I find that we are all more alike than we think, and we help each other more than we know.

I will continue to "follow" and support you. Thank you for supporting me as well. I look forward to many more fashion-forward posts!

I follow you on Twitter, and and a follower via Google Friend Connect. I'll get connected through FB as soon as I get home(at work lurking, lol)

Style4Curves said...

I can't wait to make make my one year Blog-A-Versary!!! I am sooo happy for you and you are definitely one of my top blogger faves!!! I am already following you everywhere except twitter b/c I don't have one :(
Confidence is contagious!!!!!

LA Lynn's said...

CONGRATS on your 1 yr. Blog-a-Versary!!!!! I too LOVE blogging and all the great connects!!!! And, yesssss... it's a JOB!!!! But I LOVE this JOB! :))

Such a great giveaway!!!! I follow you GFC and now following you on twitter and will be back later to follow u on The BOOK!



miss Latrise said...

I have been supporting you every step of the way! YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! !! HAPPY BLOG BLOG A VESARY!! I will always be so grateful to you for you are the one who gave me the courage to start the chronicles of THE LIL BLACK DRESS * muah***confidence is contagious*

SimplyHerLiving said...

Congrats on your blogaversary!!!

confidence is contagious!!! I'm about to follow you on twitter!!! :) :)


J.Thomas said...

I am oh so proud of you. You are so happy sharing your love for self expression with people around the world. Nothing about this surprises tho...why??? Because I knew you would be great even before you thought about it. None-the-less, you have taken this thrifting, styling, and blogging by the tale and have remainded in control of evolving you. As greatness and opportunity continue to pay you a visit, feel free to invite them in for a sit down and a nice glass of wine, I know you will enjoy their company. Love yea Bunches and keep being FAB (Foxy and Brave)!! :)

Timeka said...

Confidence is Contagious!!!!

I love you blog Erica and I must say that it has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you! I love your versatility and the fact that you are not afraid to step outside the box. I wish to you a very huge Congratulations on your Blogversary and the many more to come. I am hyped about your new year and can't wait to see what ideas I can adapt from you next...Thanks for being you and Keep up the Great work!

My Email: timekawinters1@gmail.com
& I follow you all three ways!!! Yay!!! Good luck to me!!!

Broke Wanna-Be Fashionista said...

Outfit is so hot girl, you are surely rocking it. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. you aren't afraid to wear so much colors! :)

you have a new follower!

Kami from www.brokefashionista11.blogspot.com

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

Oh Wow!!! Happy Blogaversary Missy!!! And in memory of your Dad...Happy Birthday! What a special day.

I enjoy your blog and wish you much success for some time to come!

Confidence is contagious!

What an awesome giveaway! I follow you on GFC and Twitter already and just liked you on FB.


Sincerely Mally said...

Happy Anny!! Love the flirty outfit!!

natarrab said...


natarrab said...


natarrab said...



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